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Queen B (the person)Welcome to Queen B and our world of pure Australian beeswax candles... hand-made with care for you and your environment.

Queen B candles are individually made from 100% pure Australian beeswax and pure cotton wick. They are free from paraffin, soy, palm, fragrances and scents. Read more about why on the pages under the Why Beeswax menu in the top banner.

Treat yourself, your environment and the people you love with the natural honey aroma and pure golden light of pure Australian beeswax candles from Queen B.


Letters from Lovers (of Queen B candles)

"dinner for Al Gore... the candles added to the atmosphere" from C Blanchett

A belated thank you for helping us out with the candles for our 'Greening the Wharf' dinner for Al Gore last week. It was a great night and the candles added to the atmosphere.

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The LeaderThe Leader Mar 2009

greenhouse gas emissions by turning their lights off has become one of the world's largest climate change campaigns. Photo: Waverley Mayor Sally Betts [with Queen B eco bulb], Woollahra Mayor Andrew Petrie [with Queen B bespoke branded Earth Hour candle] and Randwick Mayor Bruce Notley-Smith [with Queen B ecobulb] support Earth Hour at Barrett House.

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Waxing Lyrical

When oils ain't oils - soya wax and palm waxWhen oils ain't oils - soya wax and palm wax

Both soy and palm are oils when harvested – soyabean oil and palm oil respectively. To turn them into a wax they are bleached (creating billions of tonnes of dioxins) and then hydrogenated. I may be unusual, but to me something is ‘natural’ when it is used in the form it is harvested, not when it is so altered by chemical processes that it doesn’t bear any resemblance to the harvested product.

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Launch of Dinosaur Designs Atelier range of Queen B candles from Cate Burton at 1:41pm on 21 October
A creative collaborationis in some ways like giving birth (although the pain is rather more cerebral!)… you have to findthe right partner, with similar values. It's best if you each bring different, although compatible, strengths to the relationship. There's a process of getting to know one another and, if it is a good partnership, the alchemy where 1+1=3. You get better at it with time. And then you decide to create something that is in and of your joint DNA, that hopefully you'll love (!!!). I guess that's where I'll leave the analogy because it the product world there is also the process of rejecting things you don't like along the way and trial and error and, well, that's just a conversation we don't need to have on a beeswax candle blog!

Which brings me to the point of this post which is the announcement of our new Dinosaur Designs Atelier range – a joint collaboration with Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, the talented duo behindDinosaur Designs.

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Personalised Candle - Number 8Personalised Candle - Number 8
Put this in your cart for any personalised candle with the number '8' to be painted on it.

1. then pick from the following designs and write it in the comments field on checkout:
- roses
- lavender
- fireworks
- geometric curves
- lovers
- solid colour
- ocean
- horizontal stripes
- bunches of flowers
- vertical stripes
- their name

If you want the design painted in any particular colour, please let us know in the comments field on checkout.

2. On the other side of the candle we'll write a personal note, so please let us know the name of who the candle is for and the name/s of who it is from.  The note will be along the following lines:

" Dear [tell us their name]
With love from [tell us who it is from]

Our default colour for number candles is black (because the outline of the numbers is black). If you want it done in any other colour, please let us know in the comments field on checkout.

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Queen B

Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.
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