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Hurricane Candles

Hurricane Candles

Queen B's pure beeswax hurricane pillar candle is a candle with a built in hurricane lantern - for your alfresco dining, outdoor wedding, party or event.

Our Hurricane candle resulted from a problem being faced by the World Wildlife Fund organising their Earth Hour event at Lady Macquarie's Chair on Sydney Harbour.  Worried about the candles staying lit with a harbour breeze, our hurricane candle was the result of a vivid dream.

Whilst all of our rolled pillars are designed to burn down inside their beeswax wrap, being long burning, it can take many hours of burning before any wind protection is achieved.  Queen B's hurricane candle is for outdoor candlelight... fast.

Another product innovation from Queen B... badly imitated, but unrivalled.

Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 8.5cm (W)

Burn time: around 50 hours

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