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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes the simplest things give us the greatest pleasure...

Bees like to maintain a constant temperature of around 32 - 36˚C in their hive*.  In an ideal world, I'd like that too!  Last winter I failed miserably... we opened the roller door and slowly froze every day (apart from the 6 weeks that I naively turned on 4 oil heaters and ended up with a $3000 electricity bill).

This year I decided that we weren't opening the door in winter and had a small banner made so that customers still knew we were open and to use the side door.  I was then told that I couldn't affix anything permanent to the outside of the building to hang the banner from.  My temporary measure (hanging it between two chairs!!) resulted in 5 phone calls on Saturday from customers who had come by and thought we were shut... "your rolled door was down"!

I racked my brain all weekend (and brainstormed the issue with my friends at the hardware store) and today I solved the problem.

Ta da!

Sometimes it is the smallest things with running Queen B that give me the greatest pleasure.



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