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Give me a home amongst the gum trees

I'm just back from a week outback exploring and visiting one of our beekeepers to pick up beeswax.  My goodness, Australia is an extraordinary beautiful country.

I covered about 1000km's which saw me travel through the lush, green rolling hills and beaches of the South Coast (I travelled all the way down to Mogo) then through Braidwood and Goulburn and over to Bathurst and back through the Blue Mountains.

One of the parts of the trip I was most excited about was driving the Sea Cliff bridge which hangs out from the cliffs just through the Royal National Park.  It was beautiful - apart from the fact that you couldn't see anything over the large concrete sides on the bridge!  It appealed to my sense of humour! (amazing what a little break from work can do for rediscovering one's sense of humour)!


Another highlight was this gorgeous garden down a side street in Milton - what a beautiful town (and what a fun garden).



Being outback meant lots of time with no mobile coverage (and given I had the phone at the hive diverted to my mobile, this was cause for a little angst).   Again, time and space gave me a little perspective... driving from Goulburn to Bathurst I was looking forward to reaching Taralga (the major town between the two) to make a few calls... one problem... no mobile coverage in Taralga!

I was however able to stand right in the middle of the main road for about 5 minutes without a single car going past.  I had to laugh at my own ridiculous need for mobile coverage when I was in a place so real and so grounded.  My instant coffee at the cafe was my most memorable and enjoyable coffee in months (I didn't say best by by way!).   Enjoy the main road of Taralga.


Final highlight I am going to share (amongst dozens of highlights every day) is the dunny at my beekeepers place in Bathurst.


Then I loaded up the ute with a tonne of beeswax and drove over the mountains and back home.  Hive still in tact - check.  Everyone happy - check.  World didn't collapse without me - check.  Already hanging to get outback again - check.  Amazed at what a wonderful life I have - check.  All good.

Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

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