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Looking for a fun school holiday activity?

I was surprised recently to see a dramatic increase in sales of candle-making kits.  (It was a nice surprise!)

Puzzled, when I let people know that their order was on their way, I asked about it.  Turns out that our customers think that beeswax candle-making is a wonderful school holiday activity.

Rolling beeswax candles is suitable for ages 4 and up (I even did it at Christmas with my 2 year old niece!).  Having said that, you would need to assist with kids up to around 6 years old.  Our Make Your Own rolled taper kits are great for developing kids dexterity and of course children love candlelight (hip, hip, horray!). [Side note - I always start a dinner party (mine or friends!) with getting everyone to roll a taper candle.  It is GREAT for breaking the ice.  Gets everyone in touch with their inner child.  And helps you to identify the A-type personalities all of whom will immediately compete to roll the neatest, tighest taper candle and then have a competition to see whose burns for the longest!]

Pouring beeswax tealight - birthday partyPouring beeswax candles is another fun activity but probably more suited to kids of around 9 and up.  One of the beautiful things about beeswax is that when you are pouring candles you pour at quite a warm temperature... so if there is a spill, there are no burns.  We have kits available with everything you will need both for 4 hour beeswax tealight candles and 8-9 hour beeswax tealight candles.

Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

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