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Change is as good as a holiday

Day 3 of my week long trip to Melbourne, and goodness it's fun!

Day 1 was setting up our trade show stand with Joost (and trusty assistant Amelia).

The rusted rio frames (which Joost usually puts flowers in) are used as levels for the recycled crates used to ship Pilkington Glass.

The bench at the front is one of the benches made by Joost for the Yellow Pages 'Hidden Pizza' restaurant (yes, the one in the TV ad).

My personal fave is the timber wheelie bin... and gathering from the reactions of the 300 or so workmen on site doing set up for the trade show, that's their favourite too!  The wheelie bin is full of silver bush branches from trees grown on his property in the Dandenongs. [Tip: soap doesn't remove sap!  Eucalyptus oil should always be in your travel kit]

I could post photographs of the stand for hours!  I just love it.

Day 2 I was a 4am wake up to go on the road doing flowers by Joost.  Not sure about 4.15am departures personally.  But I got to see the early morning insides of some of Melbournes great bars and cafes including Wall Two 80 (the flower arrangement in the photo link is by Joost), Batch (flowers in street sign on the wall by Joost),  Blue Bottle, oh and about 7 others that I don't have time to link to because I'm running late!  Fun to work and be inspired by creative souls and people doing what they love (even at 4.15am)!

This was one of my favourite arrangements - it is actually a week old - (note the tulips still in their soil giving them a much longer life).

Got to run... I have more of Melbourne to explore!  Later...

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