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Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • Newbee

    Things have been a little crazy at the hive (it seems that word has been spreading) and that, combined with the fact that I have torn wing (rotator cuff) means I really need some help. There are two positions actually, one for a candle-maker, and one for a Woman Friday/Admin Assistant Extraordinaire. [Readmore]
  • Love is in the air

    It feels like there is wedding fever! For someone who has perfected the art of being single, I actually really enjoy lighting up other people's weddings. While most people talk about bridezilla's and it is said that most companies put up their prices for wedding, we've been spoiled. Here's a few we've done recently... [Readmore]
  • Do you/your company do Christmas gifts that stand out?

    While it may seem a little commercially crass to be talking about Christmas now, most companies are making a decision on what they are doing for client gifts, staff gifts or corporate hampers now... and we would like to be in the mix. What do your corporate gifts say about your company and it's values? Do they value health/life balance? The environment? Regional communities? Australian made? Perhaps most importantly, is it memorable? Does it cut through? Does it have longevity? [Readmore]

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