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Popping in to see 'the girls'

For many years I was under the mistaken impression that as I lived in an apartment I couldn't have a bee hive.  Turns our I was wrong.  So several months ago I got a hive.  At this stage is is only a neuc (a very small hive).  But when we make it through winter and the queen starts laying frantically in Spring, we'll put a full size box there and a honey super.

We have the entry to the hive facing away from my balcony doors (it faces the park opposite where I live) and I haven't had a bee come into the apartment once (despite leaving the doors open all day every day in the warmer months).  On my days off, if the bees are working, I will and sit a foot away from the hive and watch the girls to check that they're finding pollen and that everything seems in order

Anyhow... I thought I'd give 'the girls' a few months to settle in before popping in to check they were happy.  Finally on Monday I had a look.


[Side note - my friend, Bruce, who set up the hive is something of a bee whisperer.  He's been around bees his whole life.  I, on the other hand, have a long history of asthma attacks and have never been stung by a bee (despite having them here at work every day).  So, I mentioned to Bruce that I'd bring my 'bee suit' home and he said I wouldn't be needing it.  Turns out he was right... again.  No bee suit.  No gloves.  Just Bruce, 5000 females and me!]




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