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RIP Lizzie

The ONLY way that Queen B has survived is because I was somehow blessed with a group of incredible women, many going through a battle with cancer, who congregate at Queen B to do packaging, enjoy a cup of tea and share.  Most of them were unknown to me when they first come... now they count as great friends and a constant source of inspiration.

One of those women was Lizzie.  Lizzie has been on chemo for 6 of the past 8 years battle valiantly and inspiringly against breast cancer, liver cancer and bone cancer and more recently congestive heart failure caused by the chemo.  Every week for over 3 years Lizzie brightened up Queen B and the lives of those who met her.  She was at Queen B just a week ago... and on the phone just yesterday.

This morning Lizzie lost her battle... Terry lost his wife... Karina, Jimmy and Stephen lost their mum... Queen B lost an angel... many of us lost a great friend... and the world lost an inspiration.

RIP Lizzie... we miss you terribly already.


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