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Bees In The City - Cast Your Vote on our New Logo

I've recently set up a new business with a good friend, Bruce White OAM (got to love those initials)!

Bruce was the gem who set up the hive for me on my balcony, and as anyone who has read this blog would know, I am completely obsessed with my balcony bees!  So I got to thinking that more people needed to be able to have bees - not just for the joys of managing bees, but because more and more people have veggie patches in the city and that means we need more and more bees in the city for pollination (not to mention the parks and gardens).  By now you can work out where the business name - Bees In The City - came from!  Imaginative huh?!

Of course, I am an expert in running businesses that make no money (and Bruce is a bit of an expert at that too), so the challenge became a way of making the venture viable.  Hence the idea to do hives for restaurants and hotels.  We provide the hives and the management expertise and honey extraction equipment and services and they have the job and benefit of using their own honey in their restaurant or selling their own honey.

Anyway, I used DesignCrowd to run a logo design competition and would love your thoughts.  You can see the shortlist and case your vote here -

Recently my candlemaker, who had never seen a beehive before (even though we have random scout bees scoping our premises daily), came to see my hive.  I love the sequence of photographs below which occurred in less than half an hour!

BEFORE realising how gentle bees really are


AFTER realising how gentle bees really are


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