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Random act of kindness

Goodness gracious me... my day that started with a parking ticket at 6.30am for having my ute in a Truck Zone while I got coffee just took a lovely turn for the better.

A courier just walked in with a delivery from Peter's of Kensington.  "No," I said "not for me.  I haven't ordered anything."  Examination of the delivery docket showed clearly addressed to Cate Burton, Queen B...

Much tape ripping and general exclamation later, out come a beautiful Orrefors box... and inside?

Orrefors raspberry tealight holder


Orrefors Raspberry Tealight holder


How beautiful is that?... but still nothing to show who it was from.

So I called PofK.  A little digging later and they told me that the email address of the person who ordered was Cecily...

Now get this...

Cecily first ordered from Queen B online in September.  When she got the order she emailed to say thanks so much and gave me some lovely feedback on how her hayfever had improved since she'd been burning the candles.  Big tick for sending feedback.  Then last week Cecily decided to pop into the hive.  She wanted tealights for her new Orrefors raspberry votive holder.  I must have had a coffee that day because I was chatty and engaging and Cecily clearly walked out a happy customer.

Four days later... bingo.  My very own raspberry votive holder.  But I think what I love the most is that I am lucky enough to have people like Cecily in my life.  So, a big shout out to the Cecily's in each of our lives.

If you have been the beneficiary of a random act of kindness, please share it on the blog.  If it gets lots of posts and votes and feedback, I'll email you for the details of the giver and send them a little bee-created light.

And to the parking officer who gave me a ticket this morning, perhaps you would like to become a contributing member of society?  Perhaps you should think about spreading joy rather than misery?  I think that a ute should qualify as a truck (in fact I actually did).  And since when has 6am been a reasonable hour for a parking restriction to apply?  We didn't need you for the first several millennia and we don't need you now.  No, you aren't doing society a favour.  No there would not be anarchy if you weren't spreading your misery around all day.  We would cope just fine.

Cecily has a little extra Queen B light winging its way over to her today.  Yay.

Spread the love people... I was telling my neighbour about my random act of kindness day and she just brought me a cup of organic rosehip tea with a teaspoon of stringy bark honey.  What parking officer?  I'm on a honey high.

Cate xx

And now for the Queen B tealight lighting up said Orrefors Raspberry tealight holder


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