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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • VIP Shopping Day

    I love, love, love it when the hive is full of people.  It creates a real energy and gives me an excuse to talk (lots)!

    So, we've having a VIP Shopping Day.

    Bring a copy of this blog post or our email newsletter and we'll give you a further 10% off the factory prices (applies to everything except for all the goodies that are Buy 2 Get 1 Free because they're already a big, fat bargain).   Factory prices are already a bargain anyway and you can also watch the candles being made on the day.

    We'll put on bubbly and keep the kettle on (I make a mean cup of tea).  You bring yourself (and a few friends if you like).

    For our Sydney Eastern Suburbs friends, I promise you the drive won't kill you and you can get great coffee at Baccino (Manly or Dee Why) or at Favourite Things (Dee Why).  Or you can try out Central Baking Depot on Grosvenor Lane in Neutral Bay as a mid-way stop off.  It is owned by the Bourke Street Bakery people and they have great coffee and even better breads and pastries!


    Date:      Saturday, 10th December 2011

    Time:     9am - 4pm

    Venue:   Queen B's Hive (click on the link to see a google map)
    Unit 6, 84 Old Pittwater Road

    Call:        If you get lost, call me on 0411 20 40 90

    Looking forward to seeing you on the day.

    Cate xx



  • Saving the best for Christmas until last...

    I've been keeping these up my sleeve because they are special...

    Really, really special...

    Made in Australia (actually on Sydney's Northern Beaches), they are solid brass or nickel coated brass.  Each holder is individually made and hand finished to remove the sharp edges.  They are designed to hold our Bee Lights.

    Each tree comes in its own gorgeous, made in Australia, fabulous quality, kraft board packaging.  Fabulous recycled as a paperclip holder, button holder or anything else small.

    We have VERY limited quantities because they were extremely time consuming to make.  They are RRP $39.95 and we have 20% off for the next 24 hours only.

    Christmas Tree Bee Light holders


    Brass Christmas Tree Bee Light holder


    Nickel plated Christmas Tree Bee Light holder



    You know how sometimes if you stay in the moving watching all the credit's, they put a good bit right at the end?... well, here's the good bit!...

    Here's a little look at the product development cycle of our little Christmas Tree candle holder.  I must say I was a little worried when the first prototype came back!  I think we nailed it in the end though.

    Christmas tree prototype 1... mmmm, no!


    Christmas Prototype 2... cut a little deep


    Christmas Tree Prototype 3... getting there, but too sharp


    Christmas Tree Prototype 4... perfection!


    Christmas Tree Candle holder... product development


    If that's not a fine candle holder, I don't know what is!

    Cate xx


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