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Queen B by Joost pure beeswax Jam Jar tealights

Creative, sustainability wunderkind Joost is at it again, most recently with a pop up Greenhouse by Joost for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

It was a collaboration with Joost several years ago which saw the development of our iconic Eco-Bulb candle.  Now, after several months in development, we are excited to lift the lid on Queen B by Joost jam jar tealights.

Excitingly for Queen B having worked on wick testing for several months the candles are now in use lighting the pop-up Greenhouse by Joost in Melbourne CBD and the so-grounded-it-practically-still-grows-on-the-plate food of Greenhouse chef, Matt Stone.

It's one thing to make the candles, but another entirely to see them working their magic (which is why I LOVE getting photographs)!

Here's one from my camera of the trays of tealight refills for Joost Jam Jar candles...

Queen B by Joost Jam Jar tealights


and here, one from Joost offsider and clever creative Georgina O'Connor

Queen B by Joost pure beeswax tealights for Greenhouse by Joost at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival


But here's where it gets really good... you know how I'm always saying that Queen B candles only really come to life when lit? (if you don't, well I do, usually to people who are telling me that they are too beautiful to light!).

So, check this out

"Queen B by Joost" beeswax tealights in Jam Jars - image courtesy of Earl Carter & By Joost


OK, so that's pretty but a little like a still life, so here it gets even better (got to love the guy drinking wine from his jam jar!)...

"Queen B by Joost" tealights lighting up Rene Redzepi dinner at Greenhouse by Joost for Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.  Image courtesy of Earl Carter & By Joost


"But it's still daylight outside!" I hear you cry!  Well, get this for ambience...

Surely the most ambient restaurant in the world with 100% pure beeswax candlelight (there is no electric lighting in the dining area).  Image courtesy of Earl Carter & by Joost


We've also done a bespoke pillar for the reception area.  Stark reminder of beeswax candles requiring lighting here...

Greenhouse by Joost personalised design pure beeswax candle by Queen B.  Image by Queen B!


versus this little beauty...

Fired up Greenhouse by Joost personalised candle from Queen B.  Image courtesy of Georgina O'Connor.


I rest my case!

Waddya think?

Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holderspersonalised candlesvotive candlestealight candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

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