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When is a disaster not a disaster?

Doing a tidy up last week I found a whole heap of candles in the melt down buckets that Tilly had rejected.  Clearly he'd had a little disaster when dipping Bee Lights.  It's one of the joys of making things by hand!  I decided to grab a few to keep me going over the weekend and they're gorgeous.  Absolutely.  Completely.  Utterly.  Gorgeous. I have to say that it would be pretty great if all our disasters were this good!

Conjoined Bee Lights

Not a drip in sight...
Conjoined Bee Lights waiting for new homes Conjoined Bee Lights waiting for new homes

Order Bee Lights in the next week (offer ends on 25th June 2012) and mention this blog post and I'll pop a couple of very limited edition (I hope) conjoined Bee Lights for your enjoyment.

Happy burning


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