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Are you serious?

At the risk of improving their website traffic, I just had to share this...

A friend just emailed me information on Yankee Candles new 'Man Candles'.  The men I know don't need a candle to smell like mowed grass or a piece of timber... and what on earth is "Man Town" or "First Down"?  Last time I smelled man town (which was admittedly about 10 years ago) was Oxford Street on a Saturday night and I can't say I had much success.

Anyway, it got me thinking... if we WERE to fragrance Queen B candles with synthetic, petrochemical fragrant oils to appeal more to men, what flavours would you like to see?

Mitch has already suggested "Nullarbor ute".  Personally I have a bit of a penchant for slight the smell of manure you get as soon as you step onto a working property.  Get those creative juices flowing... I'm sure they have an entire department focused on it at Yankee Candles - at Queen B we outsource.

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