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My life as a goldfish

I've heard in the past that a goldfish has a 7 second memory... and I was struck this week, time and again, by the same lessons.  Lessons that I've learned in the past but ones that hit me like epiphanies again this week.

On Thursday I flew to Melbourne for a funeral.  A friend drove an hour to the airport to pick me up and then another hour out of Melbourne to the funeral.  I arrived to a cascade of hugs (or is it a muddle of hugs, or a congregation of hugs, or a flock of hugs?).  There's a lot of magic in a hug.  I was among friends... all there supporting a friend.  After the service as the hearse drove away I was quietly observing the scene.  I had a moment of enlightenment.  When you strip everything else away, all you're left with is your friends.  The lives you've moulded.  The lives you've touched.  The people you have loved and who have loved you back.  And yet very little of what consumes my mind space daily  boils down to those simple facts.

Hugging annuals
Bunches of hugs

As if that weren't enough of a gentle kick up the backside, I got an email the next day with this

I know this stuff.  I've read it.  Sometimes I even live it.  [I've bought the poster as a reminder.] I love my job.  Quitting is not in my dictionary.  I definitely over analyse.  I rarely think life is simple... and yet I have moments when I remember it is.  I am truly blessed to have met some wonderful people and to have created some wonderful things with them.  I am definitely living my dream.  I try every day to share my passion - not just for beeswax candles, but for bees, beekeepers, cooking, talented friends, my family, Australian made, the planet, travel and living each day with integrity (whether I get it right or not).

An epiphany is a blessing and a challenge.  A blessing when it changes the way we live, even if for only fleeting moments here and there.  A challenge to live up to.  And the wonderful thing about living like a goldfish is that I get to have the same ones again and again and to be freshly winded by their brilliance every time.

Thanks for being on the journey with me and for allowing me to travel your journey with you... even if just for this moment.

Cate x

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