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New Lampe Light

You know I'm an old fashioned kind of gal... and whilst that doesn't extend to burning kerosene in a lamp, I've always been a little partial to that look.

I've also been looking for years for a holder that would provide wind protection for our tapers (which are one of my favourite candles to burn).  Perfect for outdoor light, bedside light, electricity outages or romantic evenings these Lampe Lights are something special. [Apologies for the pink tinge to the photograph - i can't work out how to fix it!]

Lampe Light

With the 20cm tapers a little too tall, we've also created brand new 12cm taper candles which come in a bundle of 10.

12cm beeswax taper candles

And they're a little bit gorgeous for all sorts of things... I did a little testing this week in a Wee Willie Winkie.

Wee willie winkie with 12cm taper

And just to finish things off with more pink tinged photographic work, here's the taper a little burned down in the Lampe Light holder.  The (very neat and gorgeous) drippage at the base is because I was carrying it around to performance test it.  Neat drippage gets a big tick from me.  Prefer not to carry it around though and prefer no drips!

Just to finish off with a pink tinge
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