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Another stunning stand by Joost

In early August I did my annual pilgrimage to Melbourne to showcase Queen B candles.  It's fun to catch up with existing retailers and good to introduce new retailers to Queen B, but undoubtedly the highlight for me each year is seeing my Melbourne posse of friends and seeing what Joost has come up with for our stand.  As you probably know, I'm a bit of a control freak.  Joost is the opposite.  I have everything packed and shipped to Melbourne a couple of weeks in advance.  Joost decides on what he's doing for the stand the night before we set up!  He likes to use it as a form of torture.  I like to think of it as creative dissonance!!

Once again, his stand was spectacular.  I always love the juxtaposition of our rusting & rustic, grounded, modern, angular, bold, almost masculine stand in a space the size of 6 football fields full of stands with white and chrome displays.  It is always telling that I get just as many enquiries from people wanting to buy elements of the stand (including the plants which most people think are fake until I point out the spiders webs that the spiders are creating around the candles)!

With no further ado, following are some images of our stand.  You can buy the individual towers from ByJoost.

Calm before the storm


Set up whirlwind!

Joost on his direct line to the universal force


The total package
Getting the feel





A bevy to celebrate (local gin, home made lemonade & local mineral water, of course)!


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