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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Roll Your Own Christmas trees

    Winter has decided to join us again in Sydney for the day, so it seemed like a great time to do a craft project which has been on my lovely long list of things to do and share.  These roll your own beeswax Christmas Tree candles are a great craft activity to do with kids (or inner children), make great gifts for teachers/friends/family/hosts or you could simply use them to decorate your own table.

    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 1 - Cut the sheets of beeswax in half


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 2 - lay 3 sheets of wax end to end


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 3 - use a straight edge (eg a wood mounted photograph from your trip to Africa) from the top LH corner to the bottom RH corner


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 4 - cut the sheets as shown


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 5 - roll the wax over the wick starting at the widest point of the beeswax sheet (be neat... it will determine whether your tree is round or not)!


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 6 - Join the second sheet on where the first sheet finishes and keep rolling


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 7 - Join the third sheet on where the second sheet ends... you're almost there now!


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 8 - marvel at the brilliance of what you and nature can create together


    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles Step 9 - Bee created festive season ambience. Clever bees. Clever you.








  • On the 12th week of Christmas my true love sent to me

    a love letter asking for a discount off Queen B...

    And who are we to argue?  If a discount means more people buying Queen B candles well that's a great thing for our beekeepers and the regional communities they live in, not to mention creating more of a buzz at our hive.  Worker Bees - both the insect and human varieties - love to be kept busy.  So here's what we're going to do:

    Each week in the lead up to Christmas we'll put one of our best sellers at 20% off for 72 hours only.  The line up is as follows:

    05/10 - 07/10     20% off the entire Marrakech range of rolled pillars - yes, that's this week's special and because I'm a day late in doing this post, it runs for 2 days from today, all other weeks the special will be from Thursday - Saturday

    11/10 - 13/10      20% off Queen B's iconic Eco Bulb

    25/10 - 27/10     20% off our Angels

    01/11 - 03/11     20% off Queen B Bee Lights & Bee Light holders

    08/11 - 10/11     20% off Fat Santa

    15/11 - 17/11      20% off Nutcrackers

    22/11 - 24/11     20% off Large Christmas Trees

    29/11 - 01/12     20% off Small Christmas Trees

    06/12 - 08/12    20% off Mary Joseph & Baby Jesus

    13/12 - 15/12     20% off the entire Casablanca range of rolled pillars

    20/12 - 22/12    20% off Burning Love (we'll send them Express Post)

    If you're worried you'll forget, Like us on Facebook because we'll post a reminder there of what's on sale each week.

    Hip, hip horray

    A honey aroma-ed, golden candle-lit Christmas AND a partridge in a pear tree.  Amazing.

    Dinner candle, rolled beeswax pillar candle Marrakech range of rolled Queen B pillar dinner candles



  • A gift for every week of the year

    Recently we were asked to Express Post 5 of our Roll Your Own kits to a long term customer.  A week later I got a thank you call and asked what they were for.  Turns out they were used to create the world's most thoughtful gift.

    Imagine opening a gift every week for an entire year, made by hand, by your favourite people on the planet, containing a wish, a message, a surprise or a thought for you... and a little candlelight to hold that wish.

    As each guest arrived, she gave them a couple of sheets of wax (& wick), a couple of strips of paper, a pen and a couple of pieces of twine and they created their gift.  I, honestly, think it is one of the best ideas I have come across.  So good that I borrowed it (with permission) and made it as a wedding gift for very dear friends.

    I also sought her permission to share it on my blog and to save her buying 5 kits in future, we've created The World's Most Thoughtful Gift as a product - giving you 52 sheets of wax and 52 pieces of wick to create your own... or you could do once a month wish candles for 4 lots of friends (with a few left over for you), or even once a quarter wish candles for 13 friends!

    (A word at the outset - my skills as a beeswax candle-maker do not extend to photography.  I am a lover of great photography and therefore constantly aware of the shortcomings of my own.  If you can just shut your eye's and imagine the beauty of this gift, or how you would feel receiving this gift, I am sure you will appreciate what an extraordinary gift it truly is).

    Beeswax sheets and wick for rolling beeswax candles World's Most Thoughtful Gift - candlemaking supplies
    sheets of honeycomb beeswax for rolling bee wax dinner stick candles A creative way to display your beeswax sheets (No, I won't give up my day job)!
    Pure beeswax honeycomb sheets of wax for candle rolling A gratuitous shot so that you can appreciate the extraordinary beauty of beeswax
    You'll need to source paper & twine
    Write your wish, message, thought or surprise
    Wrap it around the candle (message face in) and tie with twine
    Perfect wedding gift, roll your own beeswax tapers The World's Most Thoughtful Gift - for weddings, birthdays, Christmas or just because

    How beautiful is that?  Thank you Sharon for sharing - your creativity is a gift. xx

    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holderspersonalised candlesvotive candlestealight candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.


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