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On the 12th week of Christmas my true love sent to me

a love letter asking for a discount off Queen B...

And who are we to argue?  If a discount means more people buying Queen B candles well that's a great thing for our beekeepers and the regional communities they live in, not to mention creating more of a buzz at our hive.  Worker Bees - both the insect and human varieties - love to be kept busy.  So here's what we're going to do:

Each week in the lead up to Christmas we'll put one of our best sellers at 20% off for 72 hours only.  The line up is as follows:

05/10 - 07/10     20% off the entire Marrakech range of rolled pillars - yes, that's this week's special and because I'm a day late in doing this post, it runs for 2 days from today, all other weeks the special will be from Thursday - Saturday

11/10 - 13/10      20% off Queen B's iconic Eco Bulb

25/10 - 27/10     20% off our Angels

01/11 - 03/11     20% off Queen B Bee Lights & Bee Light holders

08/11 - 10/11     20% off Fat Santa

15/11 - 17/11      20% off Nutcrackers

22/11 - 24/11     20% off Large Christmas Trees

29/11 - 01/12     20% off Small Christmas Trees

06/12 - 08/12    20% off Mary Joseph & Baby Jesus

13/12 - 15/12     20% off the entire Casablanca range of rolled pillars

20/12 - 22/12    20% off Burning Love (we'll send them Express Post)

If you're worried you'll forget, Like us on Facebook because we'll post a reminder there of what's on sale each week.

Hip, hip horray

A honey aroma-ed, golden candle-lit Christmas AND a partridge in a pear tree.  Amazing.

Dinner candle, rolled beeswax pillar candle Marrakech range of rolled Queen B pillar dinner candles


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