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More Jam Jar goodness

Well it appears as if there are more jam jar obsessed people than we realised... or is it beeswax candle in glass obsessed people?... or is it quirky, sustainable gift people?... or is it fans of Joost?... Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we're just happy being slammed and knowing that regardless of your own particular bent, these Jam Jar Tealight beauties will never disappoint.

While a mother isn't supposed to have favourites, I have told my big sister's for years that I was mum's favourite (that's the baby's prerogative  right?!) and as the baby of the Queen B range, I have to admit that the Jam Jar Tealights are my new favourite.  That probably leaves the Bee Lights with middle child syndrome, which based on my experience means they will move to London where they can truly feel loved!

Anyway, of course no sooner than we had them launched (and mum and dad had been called on to pack emergency supplies because we couldn't keep up!) than the calls started about refills and bulk supplies for parties and events.  Being the nimble, agile, sleek, athletic, customer-focused, (very, very good looking) bees that we are at Queen B, we've put them together too.

So, with no further ado, we're proud to announce the launch of our Jam Jar Tealight Refills pack (there are 15 candles in the beautiful, Australian made box with the 100% recycled, chlorine free kraft label!).

And, for those of you who think that 2 jars isn't nearly enough and you want LOTS, or you're having a big party, or you want to give a few as gifts, or you love jam jars a lot, or you're running a restaurant called the Greenhouse by Joost and you want to light up the entire dining area with pure Australian beeswax tealight candles in jam jars, we've also put together a Party Pack of 60 Jam Jar Tealights (all in jars).

Queen B pure beeswax Jam Jar Tealight Party Pack... more fun than you can poke a stick at Queen B pure beeswax Jam Jar Tealight Party Pack... more fun than you can poke a stick at

And just in case you didn't realise how gorgeous our new babies are, here's another take on them...

It's a play date!  Joost's baby girl with Queen B's baby. It's a play date! Joost's baby girl with Queen B's baby.

Yep, we think Joost & Jen make good babies too!

Kat (who packs your orders) banned me from offering a discount, so we negotiated (got to love a democracy) and we're doing 20% off for 24 hours only (offer finishes 11.59pm, 5th December 2012).  As a few people have realised recently, no the discount end date/time is not negotiable.  It is a gift to our early adopters which are consistently the people who know and love and spread the word and it's our way of saying thanks.  We genuinely appreciate it.

That means that those of you that only read our newsletters will miss it. :-(  Those of you who like us on Facebook and subscribe to our blog are in on the secret!


Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holderspersonalised candlesvotive candlestealight candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

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