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A healing hug

I'm on a roll of loveliness at the moment... in the zone... it's all flowing at the hive.  I received a card in the mail on Friday (and I LOVE mail that doesn't come in a window envelope).  The shape and colour of the envelope (ie red and square) had me ripping it open immediately.  This is what I read:

"Dear Kate [we'll forgive her for not knowing it was Cate with a 'C' because a hug doesn't come with spelling instructions],
I'd like to say thank you again for the little gift of Bee Light candles you gave me and the lovely cuddle [yes, I give all sorts of things away for free at the hive :-)]. Saturday morning I was feeling a bit down.  Sometimes you take on the world but you feel you can't do what you want to do, or solve all the worries.  I felt like I was carrying all the troubles of the world on my shoulders.

We also had friends coming for dinner on Saturday night and I just didn't have everything in order as I wanted.  That's when I said to Pete (my man in matching clothes!) I need a special candle to clear the air and brighten my day. [NB This couple came in to the hive wearing the same colours and when I commented on it they moved 3 feet apart and looked horrified!  I thought it was gorgeous.]  As Pete chatted to you I was still thinking about saving the world.

To bring your candles home and light them was the cleansing that I needed and your little gift made my day.

You not only sell a special product, but your shop has something mystical about it that you reign over.

Again thank you


[amazing, thoughtful, lovely customer] xx

P.S. My candles are glowing now as I write."


Just in case I did ever wonder whether it's all worth it (and, for the record, that is rare) it is cards like this that have Tilly and I metaphorically high fiving, chest bumping and loving what we do sick.

IMG_3732 Beautiful, thoughtful, lovely, generous customer note

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