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Nett magazine article about email marketing - featuring Queen B!

A few months ago I approached by Nett Magazine on advice that I would give other small businesses about email marketing.  I had lots to say!... I think it is a privilege to have access to someone's inbox and it is a privilege that I am always conscious not to take advantage of.  I think I break most of the 'rules' of writing a good newsletter (or 'blog') by being too verbose, but then again I dislike rules and I think it is more important to be authentic!  I am verbose.  I am passionate.  Nothing about Queen B is fickle or done without a huge amount of thought and I believe that knowledge is power and so I try to make what I write 'powerful' in terms of it being educational.

If you're interested in reading the full Nett article about email marketing click on this link - 201307 Nett magazine.  For those of you who are more visual, there's a page shot below.  Just to preempt any comments, yes, I do look different when I've had my hair and makeup done!

email marketing, nett magazine, queen b, beeswax candles Nett magazine page shot - Email marketing tips featuring Queen B

Wishing you a very happy weekend - hopefully at least some part of it will be beeswax candlelit.

Cate xx

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