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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • New design - Seraphina

    There is so much to write about our new design, Seraphina, but I'm going to let the beauty of the design speak for itself.  Designed by Robyn Macready for our ISCD design collaboration in 2013, we're delighted to finally share this stunning design.

    The design is art deco inspired with the inner plumage of the wing designed to resemble a colony of bees.  I loved this design from the minute I saw it not just because I think it is fantastic design work, but the design itself speaks on so many levels.

    With no further ado, I present you... Seraphina. [Seraphina is a feminine derivation of the word Seraphim meaning "fiery ones"... apt really!]

    Seraphim art deco wing design in bronze on pure beeswax hand rolled pillar candle Queen B Seraphina (L -> R 15cm medium, 10cm medium, 20cm fat)


    Art deco bronze wing design on hand rolled beeswax pillar candle from Queen B Seraphina - 10cm medium


    Natural bees wax pillar candle with bronze art deco wing design Seraphina - 20cm fat

    Seraphina is available in 5 sizes:
    - 1ocm narrow (10cm H x 6cm W)
    - 15cm narrow (15cm H x 6cm W)
    - 10cm medium (10cm H x 9cm W)
    - 15cm medium (15cm H x 9cm W)
    - 20cm fat (20cm H x 11cm W)

    If you voted in 2013, you may have noticed that we changed the colour?  We've been testing different colours all year and it wasn't until we tried the bronze that I felt the design came to life.  What do you think of our choice?

    Hoping you love it as much as we do!

    Cate xx

  • Hanging Glass Cylinders

    Continuing with our theme this week of all things 'alfresco & outdoor candle lighting solutions', another great glass vessel to protect your tealights from the breeze and cast more light (and more opportunities for me to explore the parks of Sydney!).

    Because we know you're busy and need solutions, we've put together a special pack so these are ready to fire up or give away.  The pack includes:
    * 5 x Glass Cylinder Tealight holders
    * 5 x 4-5hr Beeswax Tealight candles (clear cups)

    Valued at $44.95, we've taken 20% off until 11.59pm on Thursday (27th November 2014).  You can order the pack on the Queen B website here.

    Hang beeswax tealight candles in glass holders in a tree for beautiful magical light

    Glass tealight holders hanging from tree for outdoor or alfresco dining lit by beewax teelite candles

    Glass candleholders with beeswax tealights in clear cups create a beautiful ambience

    glass hurricane candle holders for beeswax tea light candles in clear cups

  • Decided to DIY for your Christmas gifts this year?

    While every candle at Queen B is made with love (which is why we still make every candle by hand rather than churning them out of a machine) we know we have lots of customers who also like to make gifts for themselves.  And who doesn't love a hand-made, heart filled, thoughtful gift?  So I thought I'd put together a post with a few make your own gift ideas.

    I'm revisiting a couple of blog posts from a while back for this one (no point in reinventing the wheel - they're 2 of our most popular posts)!

    Back in October 2012, I blogged about Rolling Your Own Bees wax Christmas Tree Candles.  With a step by step guide, in 8 simple steps you can roll these beautiful Christmas Tree candles.   Our Roll Your Own kit has enough wax to make 16 trees (at $39.95 that's $2.50 per tree) or, if you're REALLY keen (or have loads of friends :-) ) you could go for the World's Most Thoughtful Gift which has enough wax to roll 69 trees (at $120 that's $1.74 per tree).

    candle making instructions roll beeswax christmas tree candles



    Which brings me to my second DIY gift idea which is rolling taper candles and tying a special thought / wish / IOU / or message to them.  I got this idea from a customer and was so enchanted by it that I blogged about it and then created The World's Most Thoughtful gift.  I've used the idea for gifts many times since as I couldn't think of anything nicer than unwrapping a gift with a beautiful, personalised thought to light up my week!


    DIY gift idea - roll your own beeswax taper candles and personalise them with a message


    I've had feedback from dozens of customers since who have used the idea.  Some doing smaller bundles of 2 or 4 candles and one we had just last week who used the kit as a wedding gift from a group of people.  Our customer sent us a gorgeous email reading "Bought your pack of 52 candles to roll last week - thank you, thank you, thank you!  It really was the best wedding present ever!  Each of our 21 staff were inspired to write a few wishes and roll the candles which we then put in a gorgeous box (which exactly fit 4 rows of 13, pleasing the OCD'ers amongst us) and gave to our young co-worker today - she is getting married on 22nd.  She was thrilled and now has beautiful wishes (although I think some may be a bit saucy!) for a whole year."  You've got to love feedback that puts a smile on your face!

    If you're having a DIY gifts year, let us know what your favourite ideas are (even if they have nothing to do with beeswax candles :-) ) and, if you do decide to use the kits, let us know how you go.


    Cate xx

  • Hanging glass teardrop candle holders - lighting outdoor areas

    With the mercury reaching 38 degrees yesterday in Sydney (and that's on the coast) it was all about being outdoors last night to catch the breeze and that meant firing up tealights in protective glass holders so the breeze didn't blow them out.  And THAT gave me the inspiration for this post and another couple we'll do this week with special offers to boot.

    Glass teardrop candleholder with bees wax tea light candle from Queen B


    These beautiful, clear glass, hanging teardrop candleholders are incredibly versatile.  I've used them sitting on an outdoor table (they're flat at the base), I've used them indoors (to light up a corner where I didn't have a table with candles on it and to create 'layers' of candlelight at various heights) and, of course, they're perfect for outdoors to hang in trees (or, in my case, off balcony railings)!


    Glass teardrop candle holder with bee wax tealight candle in clear cup with a happy flame



    With summer in the air, we're doing 2 special offers (offers expire on 27th November 2014 @11.59pm):

    Offer 1 - We've got 10% off our Clear Glass Teardrop Candleholders until 27/11/14

    Offer 2 (exclusive to blog followers and newsletter subscribers) - For every 5 Teardrop Candleholders you buy, we'll throw in a box of 5 x 4-5hr Beeswax Tealight candles in clear cups (that's the one in the photo) - so you get 10% off the teardrops (saving around $7.50) and the tealights for free (saving a further $14.95 - the equivalent of a further 20% off).  This second offer is only available to those of you who follow us (either on the blog or by getting our newsletter).  So that we know you're in the know, you need to mention "Free Tealights please" in the comments field when you check out.  No mention at the time of ordering, no free tealights.  No arguments!  Again, this offer expires at 11.59pm on 27/11/14.

    Clear glass hanging candle holder for bees wax tea light candles These are a couple of photographs sent to me by a customer using the same holders (without the tear drop). Lovely to see them in action (they were using the tealights in metal cups)
  • Advent

    We've been working on something special for Advent this year and we commissioned a local artisan to make these limited edition, solid brass Lightbulb Candleholder which we've teamed up with a pack of 25 Advent candles each of which burn for over an hour.  Valued at over $70, we've got 50 Advent candle packs available for $49.95.

    pure beeswax candles with eco bulb candleholder lightbul Light up Advent with pure bee-created light


    If you prefer to make your own holder (the candles are about the width of a Philips head screwdriver so any fruit or vegetable stabbed with the screwdriver will make a holder), we've got pure beeswax Advent candles in a pack of 25 available here.

    This beautiful brass lightbulb candleholder is made from solid brass.  It is designed to hold a Bee Light or Advent candle in the top or can be reversed to hold a taper candle in the base.  The beauty of this holder is that it will be relevant all year round.

    brass candleholder lightbulb eco advent candle centrepiece


    Here's to enjoying a natural and sustainable Christmas!  With our holders hand crafted in Australia and our candles hand rolled and hand poured here too, you can celebrate the difference you'll be making to many people when you use Queen B candles to light up your festive season or to give as gifts.  Now it's just up to us to keep coming up with things that are completely unique, great value and exceptional quality.

  • New Taper Candleholders to hold your Beeswax Tapers (and new taper packaging)

    My go to source of light most evenings are our beeswax dinner candles and Bee Lights.  A great, economical source of light and with the flame front and centre, a great source of calmness and tranquility.  So, I'm always excited to find new, stylish candleholders for taper candles... and we've got lots of new ones to show you.


    Firstly, our "Clippy" candleholders.  A few months ago when we tidied our stationery shelves Sarah found out about my bulldog clip fetish (I think there were over 500 clips in different shapes and sizes).  Imagine my excitement then to find Clippy.  Stylish yet practical, it takes up little room on a busy dining room table.  Industrial looking, great design and designer aesthetic - all rolled into 1 smart candleholder.

    Clippy industrial metal candleholder for beeswax taper candles "Clippy" candleholder


    You can find Clippy on it's own in Candleholders on our website here ($12.50 each), or, we've put together a Clippy + Tapers pack for $34.16 which is a 10% saving.

    Clippe metal industrial candle holder for beeswax dinner tapers from Queen b Clippy + Beeswax Dinner Taper Pack (10% off)


    Flower Candleholders

    If you prefer a splash of colour, these metal, flower candleholders are just gorgeous.  We've been discussing whether they are iceberg roses, ranunculus or magnolia so we thought perhaps just "flowers" would be safer!

    Beeswax dinner candles in metal industrial flower candleholders Metal Flower Candle Holders for beeswax dinner candles

    They come in 3 heights and colours:

    - small (yellow) - 10cm tall - $13.75
    - medium (turquoise) - 15cm tall - $16.50
    - tall (red) - 24cm tall - $19.25

    Or you can get all 3 with 10% off here.

    White Ceramic Wee Willie Winky

    And just in case that wasn't enough loveliness, we also recently found a new white ceramic Wee Willie Winkie (to complement out brass and copper Wee Willie Winkies).

    White ceramic Wee Willie Winky candleholder for beeswax taper candles White ceramic Wee Willie Winkie candle holder


    New Taper Packaging and new Box of 4 x 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper candles

    If you've followed Queen B for a while, you may have noticed that we've been progressively rolling out new packaging.  I can't bear waste, so we've been updating the packaging as and when we run out of the old.  The newest packaging to be done is our Dinner Candle / Taper packaging.

    Our 20cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles now come in a box of 4 (RRP $24.95)

    box of 4 pure Australian beeswax dinner taper candles - non toxic 20cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (Box of 4)


    And we've now got a beautiful box for our 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (box of 4) (RRP $34.95)

    beeswax dinner taper candles 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (Box of 4)


    There's lots of lovely ways to light up your life daily with beautiful, natural, bee created light... cheaper than electricity.

  • And the winner is...

    Wow!  What an amazing response.  Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote.  Turns out you're a clever bunch agreeing entirely with the eminent judging panel and also picking my other favourite!  Yes, that's right, we're going to be launching 2 new designs.

    The winner of the design competition is Nectar by Bec Cooper.  We'll be announcing the launch date and the chosen colour/s within the next couple of weeks.

    Designer beeswax candles - who thought non toxic could look so good Nectar - Mint, Cool Grey, White


    We've chosen "DC"'s comment as the winning comment - "Nectar! The design holds my gaze and changes as I look at it — rather like a flickering candle flame does. It contains tumbling cubes, snowflakes, and honeycomb-like hexagons."

    This year voting was incredibly tight and interestingly there were different, clear winners depending on where the voting happened.  The other clear favourite was Lily by Melissa Nalder, so we're planning a launch for that too!

    ISCD Queen B design collaboration - bringing designer values to beeswax candles Lily - Charcoal, Silver, White


    We'll be making launch date and colour announcements shortly.  A big thank you again to design luminaries, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy for their time and sharing their expertise and insight in judging this year's finalists.  I have found it rare to meet people so talented and successful who are so down to earth, generous and caring.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.  It is only with your feedback and involvement that Queen B can continue to create light that is loved by the community we seek to serve.

    Cate xx

  • We need your opinion to help us pick our new design

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your eyes (and opinion)...

    This is the second year of our collaboration with the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) and the submissions for our design competition have been fantastic.  So fantastic our judging panel - Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and myself - were divided.  With a 2:1 split we've voted (and a judging panel winner has been picked) but ultimately the vote that counts the most to me is the vote from you as one of our tribe.

    Hopefully being given a voice is enough to encourage you to vote, but we're adding an incentive.  We'll be picking a winner from all the comments posted on our blog, Facebook & Instagram who will get a pack of candles in the design chosen for us to add to our range.  Consisting of a 10cm medium, 15cm medium and 20cm fat hand-rolled pillar candle the pack is valued at over $200.  Voting closes at 5pm on Friday, 7th November 2014 with the winner (both the design and the commenter!) announced on Monday, 10th November 2014.

    Following are the chosen finalists (from 23 designs submitted) - in alphabetical order!  We're also, for the first time, considering whether to offer the design in the 3 colours chosen by the designer (each height will be one colour) or whether to continue with how we do all of our existing designs which is that all sizes come in the one colour.

    To be in the running for the prize pack, write a note in the comments field below telling us:
    - which is your favourite design and why
    - your favourite colour (of the 3 shown) or whether you think we should offer it in all 3 colours shown

    Which design is simply so stunning that you'd have to have it (or that you'd have to get it for someone special in your life)?!  Ultimately the 'best' design is the design that people will buy because that is the only way that we achieve our goals of lighting up lives, supporting Australian beekeepers, developing artisan skills and ensuring that if you're burning candles, you're burning pure beeswax candles!

    ISCD surface design pure beeswax candles Queen B interior design collaboration Beaded - Old Gold, Indigo and/or Hemlock?


    ISCD surface design collaboration with Queen B - design focused pure beeswax candles Celebration - Burnt Orange, Spring Green, Powder Blue


    ISCD Queen B design collaboration - bringing designer values to beeswax candles Lily - Charcoal, Silver, White


    Designer beeswax candles - who thought non toxic could look so good Nectar - Mint, Cool Grey, White


    Design collaboration ISCD and Queen B - beautiful and functional beeswax candles Spring - Morning Glory, Magneta, White


    Non toxic candles for the stylish home - collaboration ISCD and Queen B pure beeswax candles Windsor - Gold, Silver, Copper


  • They say that "good things come in small packages"

    ... and so it is that today we're launching 2 new products in our ever extending range of pure Australian beeswax tealight candles - 4-5hr tealights (clear cups) - pack of 5 and 8-9hr tealights (clear cups) - pack of 5.

    We're also excited to finally (after a year of packaging disasters!) have our box of 8 Jam Jar Tealights with 8 jars back on the shelves in brand, spanking new Queen B packaging! (that's probably not that exciting for you but if you knew what we'd been through to get here you'd be very excited too)!

    To celebrate their launch we've got all 3 products at 10% off until 11.59pm tomorrow night (3rd November 2014).

    100% pure beeswax tealight candles in clear cups - a great sustainable gift idea 4-5hr Tealights in clear cups - Box of 5
    pure beeswax tlite candles in clear cups 8-9hr Tealights in clear cups - Box of 5
    Pure beeswax tlite candles in glass jam jars Jam Jar Tealight Pack - 8 Jars + 8 candles


    With our new 5 packs of tealights in clear cups and our extensive range of gorgeous candleholders (many of which retail for $15 and under) you'll have most of your Christmas gifts sorted for under $40.

    With our pack of 8 Jam Jar tealights (all with jars) the table decorations and ambience for your next dinner party is all taken care of.  If you've got a larger event or wedding planned or a larger space to light, remember we now have longer burning Jam Jar tealights available (with 6+ hrs of burning) in a bulk pack of 60 candles.


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