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We need your opinion to help us pick our new design

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your eyes (and opinion)...

This is the second year of our collaboration with the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) and the submissions for our design competition have been fantastic.  So fantastic our judging panel - Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and myself - were divided.  With a 2:1 split we've voted (and a judging panel winner has been picked) but ultimately the vote that counts the most to me is the vote from you as one of our tribe.

Hopefully being given a voice is enough to encourage you to vote, but we're adding an incentive.  We'll be picking a winner from all the comments posted on our blog, Facebook & Instagram who will get a pack of candles in the design chosen for us to add to our range.  Consisting of a 10cm medium, 15cm medium and 20cm fat hand-rolled pillar candle the pack is valued at over $200.  Voting closes at 5pm on Friday, 7th November 2014 with the winner (both the design and the commenter!) announced on Monday, 10th November 2014.

Following are the chosen finalists (from 23 designs submitted) - in alphabetical order!  We're also, for the first time, considering whether to offer the design in the 3 colours chosen by the designer (each height will be one colour) or whether to continue with how we do all of our existing designs which is that all sizes come in the one colour.

To be in the running for the prize pack, write a note in the comments field below telling us:
- which is your favourite design and why
- your favourite colour (of the 3 shown) or whether you think we should offer it in all 3 colours shown

Which design is simply so stunning that you'd have to have it (or that you'd have to get it for someone special in your life)?!  Ultimately the 'best' design is the design that people will buy because that is the only way that we achieve our goals of lighting up lives, supporting Australian beekeepers, developing artisan skills and ensuring that if you're burning candles, you're burning pure beeswax candles!

ISCD surface design pure beeswax candles Queen B interior design collaboration Beaded - Old Gold, Indigo and/or Hemlock?


ISCD surface design collaboration with Queen B - design focused pure beeswax candles Celebration - Burnt Orange, Spring Green, Powder Blue


ISCD Queen B design collaboration - bringing designer values to beeswax candles Lily - Charcoal, Silver, White


Designer beeswax candles - who thought non toxic could look so good Nectar - Mint, Cool Grey, White


Design collaboration ISCD and Queen B - beautiful and functional beeswax candles Spring - Morning Glory, Magneta, White


Non toxic candles for the stylish home - collaboration ISCD and Queen B pure beeswax candles Windsor - Gold, Silver, Copper


58 thoughts on “We need your opinion to help us pick our new design”

  • Catherine

    The ones that stand out to me are: 'Beaded' in old gold and 'Nectar' in mint. When I read the post about your thinking on whether to offer the 3 colour choices, I thought: ' yes, yes, lots of colour choices' but then, after looking at the photos I definitely feel that these single 'best' colour options would be better.

  • Margaret Busson

    Celebration in all three fabulous colors gets my vote. I would buy all three. Love this design and colors.

  • Karen Wallace

    What a choice! these are all amazing. I love beaded, and each of the three colours individually, but would probably prefer just one of them in all three sizes (although don't ask me to pick, because I'd love a set in each colour).

    But I adore Nectar, and would definitely buy the trio in the three colours you've shown here. They go so beautifully together. The slightly muted colour scheme perfectly represents my living room, and also my decorating scheme for Christmas. And I'd give them as gifts too :) So these get my vote.

    Definitely some very talented designers at ISCD.

  • Emma

    It's hard to choose as there are lots of great designs...but my vote would go to Nectar in white. The design looks a bit like honeycomb, and it is bold enough to stand out against the candle while also leaving plenty of wax visible as part of the design. With such beautiful wax, you want to make it a feature of the design, not just background, and Nectar does that really well.

  • Firsttimemumma

    Lily for sure, so elegant.

  • KD

    Windsor - because it's a clean, clear design that reflects the object's purpose and will still look as good as the candle burns down over time. And if you're going to have beeswax candles, you may as well ave a design that shows the wax off! I like the three different colours, they're a classic set and could be used with most colour schemes and occasions.

  • Liz Hodson

    Windsor - a cool symmetrical design and simple. Favourite colour is the copper but I think all colours should be offered.

  • Jenni Gardiner

    Lily, all colours. So beautiful
    I miss the Florentine and love the sophistication of this design

  • Margaret Quane

    Loved the designs but finally decided on Windsor, I like the variation to the design over the length of the candle rather than the repeated pattern.
    I would like to see the winner marketed in all three colours to distinguish it from your regular range.

  • Sha

    My favourite design is 'Beaded'. I think it's a subtle yet visible design that isn't too busy which makes it fit in more environments easily. The Hemlock colour is my favourite - it's pleasing, versatile and would look great grouped in different heights.

  • Christina

    Hi Cate,

    My favourite design is Spring - it makes me happy and I would have that in my home.

    While the magenta and morning glory are pretty, I think it should be offered in white.

    Just my $0.02 worth!


  • Toni

    All so nice, I can see why it's been a difficult decision.
    I vote : Beaded in Hemlock

    I do think you'd sell more if you offered the three gorgeous colours though. It can be a nice way to tie rooms in together. ie using the same print but in different colours in different rooms.

  • cleenserene

    Wow what gorgeous designs from talented people! Such a high standard.
    My favourite range is Celebration, however I'd prefer the blue candle to be in Mint from the Nectar range.

  • KathyC

    Goodness, that's a tough one - they're all so lovely!

    I think: Celebration in Powder Blue

    • KathyC

      Because Powder Blue is the favourite colour in our family.
      I think it would be lovely to buy all three colours! (a celebration of colour)

  • Katrina Sorauer

    I pick Lily because you have not had anything like this before and it is a beautiful design. I like the silver and the grey, but even the white may be OK when lit, so all three will be great!

  • Susan Read

    I love the Lily design - the white or the silver colours work really well - the design plays with nature plus the shape of a flame - its nice yet unassuming for your home or office.

  • Cam

    Lily in silver, just so simple but so glamourous

  • Laura manchester
    Laura manchester November 4, 2014 at 1:05 am

    My favourite design is Lily & i like the 3 colours especially the silver & white as they go with everything.

  • Jayne Francis

    Spring is my pick visually. There are three related designs to the theme making it a more complex entry. In particular, magenta. Perhaps my views should be disregarded as I like your plain candles and those with wax texture such as the Easter candle best. Good luck with the judging. Jayne

  • Lisa Thiedeman

    Torn between Celebration (burnt orange and spring green), which is warm and brings you in closer; and Spring (white) which is airy and free. Gorgeous!

  • Debbie

    They are all lovely but my absolute clear favourite is Celebration in burnt orange. The spring green colour is gorgeous as well. My second favourite is the Spring design, in white. I would absolutely buy many of the celebration in burnt orange - such a gorgeous colour and I love that the design is bold in colour, but not over the top. I would also buy the Spring in White for myself and for gifts. I love when the designs are carried in different colour ways and sizes so you can pick which size suits you and also how much you'd like to spend, when buying as a gift. Will look forward to seeing which design wins!

  • margaret burges
    margaret burges November 4, 2014 at 2:02 am

    Lily in charcoal, beautiful design, 2nd Lily in white, 3rd Lily in silver. Elegant and seductive. Although I prefer plain candles I would buy the Lily patterned candles for contrast and texture.

  • Alison

    Celebration would be my choice. All three colours are bright and vibrant and the patterns are unique and would look stunning when burning. I could see these in my home or on my table at Christmas!

  • Cecily Greval

    I think springtime are lovely, and they all look fabulous, but I believe the Windsor ones are going to look awesome as they burn down. The light of the candle will highlight the tones of the Windsor candle in a really subtle sophisticated way

  • Jenny Zalmstra

    I LOVE 'Lily' in Charcoal and White for sultry occasions although 'Spring' in all it's colours is soo much fun and would be beautiful for everyday use. All the designs are creative and vibrant, so well done to all the designers! Keep up the great work.

  • Leanda Michelle

    'Spring' white is my fave... it will blend in with any home decor, is subtle, elegant and attractive. My second fave is the 'Celebration' selection - all 3 colours are radiant and alluring. Well done... loving the opportunity to respond to your creativeness ♥

  • Doreen Mellor

    indigo Beaded, white Spring, cool grey Nectar, and all three colours (without the pattern) of Celebration! That's not so helpful, sorry, so I'll narrow it down.
    1. Beaded (it has real impact and it's different from any of your other products)
    2. Nectar (it is a strong and clear pattern and references the bees).

  • Louise Lopez

    Nectar and in the Mint is my fave colour

  • Jessica

    My favourite thing to do this time of year is sit outside and enjoy all the hard work i've put into my garden. There are little green cherries and pears starting on my fruit trees and bright orange marigolds in bloom. Cucumbers, beans and carrots in abundance. This all says SPRING to me. So, obviously, i have to pick the Spring designs. Bring some of the beauty of nature inside the home. Look at the beautiful flowers outside when the sun is up, but when night comes around the gorgeous flowers on these candles bring spring inside.

  • Annette Giles

    My favourite is 'Lily' in Charcoal. The design is very elegant and the charcoal stands out well.

  • Jenny

    Love the vibrancy and pattern work of CELEBRATIONS. Will look amazing as the flame burns down the inside of the candles.

  • Melissa

    my favorite design is the beaded theme in the colour old gold. it is so bright and natural, colourful and cheerful! Everytime i light that candle i would feel happy and relaxed, healthy and at peace, which is why i burn queen b beeswax candles in the first place. this candle would represent that experience for me perfectly!

  • Mei

    Celebration: This designer collection is so simple yet intriguing,
    Burnt orange, Spring green, Powder blue: 3 colours to make our days and nights inspiring!

  • Yvette

    Whilst I am drawn to Lily, I think the pattern of Nectar would burn down better. I image it would appear almost like a candle holder. The more open patterns highlight the beeswax. The silver of Lily is very elegant and would look stunning in Nectar too. Perhaps Nectar could have the white and cool grey as the 'base range' and colours such as mint or silver or magenta etc could be seasonal colours throughout the year.

  • Belinda Andetsob
    Belinda Andetsob November 4, 2014 at 7:48 am

    I love the celebration style. All three colours are bright, bubbly and real statement pieces. They would put a smile on anyone's faces. I would definitely buy them as gifts and most importantly, would love to recieve them as a gift (hint hint hubby!)

  • Rebecca

    It has to be Spring because I love flowers and I love the bees that are flying around. It's great that each colour has a different flower. I would love to see all three burning together in my home. I would also have to buy the red one for my mum (so I'm hoping you pick Spring and have it ready for Christmas delivery!). Celebration is a close second, in burnt orange or powder blue.

  • Trudie Leadbeatter

    Celebration - All three in Spring Green would make any space "zing"

  • Lisa Wolff

    Love them all but celebration has to be it if we choose one. Burnt orange is my favourite colour in this range, then the spring green. If you are doing all 3 colours, great. Blue is my favourite colour ever but I have doubts about the popularity of the powder blue for sales. Love your work.

    • Lisa Wolff

      Oh, and why? It's a fresh design which draws the eye, and the colour works well with the candle colour coming through. The all over pattern works better as the candle burns down than a design that doesn't cover the whole candle, at least for me, as I can't see so well in the distance anymore. :)

  • Jean

    Lily for me - so stylish - beautiful. I least liked the white, most loved the silver, the charcoal is also the one for some occasions.

  • Maria

    I love beaded in Hemlock, closely followed by Indigo but the three colours are just stunning so I'd prefer the choice. Beaded is a simple design and reminds me of the unique, hand/bee-made nature of both the wax and the candle. It doesn't detract from the wax and will burn down beautifully.

  • Megan

    Lots of them appeal, some beautiful designs... 'Beaded' in Indigo or Hemlock looks gorgeous, and I would definitely buy 'Spring' in the white (a light green shade would suit that design I think also). 'Windsor' in all three colours is a really nice design for a candle that I can see burning down well. If I had to choose one to purchase, it would be 'Spring' in the white.

  • Kate Knowles

    I like Spring, as it is cheery and pretty, but my son likes Lily, he says it is sophisticated, he likes silver and I like blue.

  • Katy

    Whilst 'Spring' is a gorgeous print, I'd have to put my vote behind 'Nectar' - in all colours. The Mint would go perfectly in my home, but on thinking about a range of decors, this pattern and these colours, I feel, would suit so many homes.

  • DC

    Nectar! The design holds my gaze and changes as I look at it -- rather like a flickering candle flame does. It contains tumbling cubes, snowflakes, and honeycomb-like hexagons. My favourite colour is grey but I would buy it in white as well.

  • sem07

    I like the more subtle design of Lily. The charcoal and silver versions would go perfectly with my home decor, though the option of buying the three together would be good!

  • Dodie

    I like lily - really cool and in line with what you've done before

  • Nicola Clemmit

    Lily is a clear standout for me - original, yet classically elegant. I like all the colours though charcoal would be my favourite.

  • Petra Kick

    Love the Lily, elegant design specially the charcoal, that can be used anytime.

  • Bec Christensen

    Lily for sure. Perfectly elegant and understated. I love all three colours but if I had to choose it would be charcoal.

  • Deb Gott

    Favourite design: Celebration, because the patterns stand out & don't disappear as they burn down

    Favourite colour: Burnt Orange & Spring Green - can't decide between these 2 - they go so well together

  • Robyn

    Wow they are all great but I think my favourite is Lily. I really like this design as I think the 3 go beautifully together but equally could be used individually and still look great. I really liked the flowing lines and elegance of this design. I think they should be offered in all 3 colours please! :)

  • Teresa

    Like nearly all of them for different reasons and moods. Love the idea of having a couple of colour options in one design. However my absolute favourite is spring in white - really love this fresh clean and pretty pattern. Next favourite would be beaded in indigo. Thanks so much for the opportunity to comment :)

  • Anne

    My pick is 'Lily' - absolutely beautiful. The design makes me think of melting wax, all fluid and beautiful and I imagine the white and silver colours would look beautiful when the candles are alight. I like the subtlety of them too - I buy candles because of the softness and subtlety the add; I like the delicate design of 'Lily'.
    I'd definitely buy all three because I think they'd look beautiful together - but the lighter silver would probably be my absolute favourite.
    When will they be available to buy? In time for Christmas?

  • Hannah Beare

    Lily great design love all 3 colors but think white one that i would guy because it looks really organic and flowy

  • Anne

    Lily is my favourite, they are absolutely beautiful. I like the fluidity of the design and the colour range reflects exactly why I'm addicted to candles - for the softness and subtlety they provide.
    I think all three colours are beautiful and I'd definitely buy 3 in a set, but the lighter silver is probably my favourite.
    When will they be available to buy? In time for Christmas?

  • Vicki

    I love Windsor, and my fave colour is Copper but I would buy all three. The design is very tasteful and the beauty is in its elegance and simplicity, it would stand the test of time.

    All three colours would compliment most people's home decor and if the range were later expanded a nice choice would be Indigo and Eucalyptus green.

    Lilly is my second favourite, love the charcoal and silver.

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