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Gift Guide for the Special Men in your life

It's a common misconception that men don't buy candles or don't like candles but about 30% of our customers at the hive are men.  The feedback we get is that they like the fact they're unfragranced and not fussy.  That there's something quite grounding about the enormous flame and natural honey aroma of a pure beeswax candle.  And it makes sense - men also need down time.  Men also like ambience.  Men appreciate romance.  Some men like to meditate.  Mars and Venus may be very different in some ways, but they are also both planets!!

So today we've got the things that men most often buy and the candles most often bought for men in our Gift Guide for the Special Men in your life.  Once again we've got the goods at 10% off for 24 hours only (until 1pm 05/12/14).


gift ideas for men, Australian made, sustainable, eco friendly


1. Dunny Lights (RRP $34.95) - available in copper or brass
2. 20cm Tapers - Box of 4 (RRP $24.95) - to go with the Dunny Lights or the Earth Stubb coming up
3. Hand rolled, Honeycomb Beeswax Pillar Candles (available in 5 sizes from RRP $24.95)
4. Burning Love (RRP $24.95) - I'm told these are as popular as a gesture of love as they are as a separation/divorce present!
5. Drippies (available in 2 sizes from RRP $59.95)
6. Chubbies (available in 2 sizes from RRP $59.95)
7. Eco Bulb (RRP $24.95)
8. Dinosaur Designs Totem and Boulder designs (available in 3 sizes from RRP $59.95)
9. Earthing Stubb & Candles (RRP $79.95)

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