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Colourful new glass candleholders to brighten your day

As the weather turns, the sleeves lengthen and the windows and doors close a little we've been injecting a little colour into our lives at the hive with these gorgeous, colourful, glass tealight candleholders.

If you've been with us for a while you may remember that we stocked them years ago.  We moved on and now we've come back.  There simply isn't anything on the market quite like them and we've had many requests to get them back in.  So, they're back in a whole lot of new designs.

You can find our colourful, glass tealight candleholders on the Queen B website here.  It's a whole lot cheaper than flights to Africa, India, Amsterdam or Moscow and may be the only way you're going to enjoy the beach in the next few months"! :-)

Colourful glass fishbowl candleholder with African sunset depiction Africa
Escape to Amsterdam without the price of an air ticket with this colourful glass telaight candleholder Amsterdam
Transport yourself back to summer with this colourful beach house scene on this glass candleholder Beachhouse
Dandelion glass tealight candleholder for beeswax tealight candles from Queen B Dandelion
Colourful tealight candleholder - Lionface wordpress Lionface
Colourful tealight candleholder - Sydney Harbour wordpress Sydney Harbour


Glass tealight candle holder featuring a depiction of gustav limpet's iconic art Klimt
Transport yourself to India with this colourful, glass tealight candle holder Mumbai
Looking for a special gift, an australiana gift colourful glass tealight candleholder Day at the Beach
colourful glass tealight candleholder for beeswax tea light candles from Queen B Kremilin
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