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Quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread and Queen B candles...

A few weeks ago, thanks to a tip from one of our customers in the US, we found out about nerdwax... "a beeswax based blend of all natural and certified organic ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place" that's made in the USA.

Initially pitched as a 'you should make this' idea, I looked into it and concluded that there was no way we could improve on what is already being done.  These guys have nailed it... not only with the beeswax base and the ingredients, but their packaging is clever, their marketing is great and it's another small business started on a stove top.  Long live small businesses started on stove tops!

Nerdwax Australia New Zealand

It arrived yesterday morning.  We got to give it a very thorough testing in the 38 degree Sydney heat yesterday and it was given an enthusiastic thumbs up with our first 5 tubes sold!

So, what's nerdwax?  We couldn't describe it any better than Don Henjy the inventor.  Here he is!

Or you can watch their official Kickstarter video here (the Kickstarter campaign is well and truly over with another great business born, but the video is still beautiful to watch) :-)

We've got Nerdwax available as single tubes and a bundle of 3 tubes.


At Queen B, we delight in making the world’s purest beeswax candles.  Our pure beeswax is carefully sourced from beekeepers we know personally and then cleaned thoroughly over 72 hours.  Our wicks are pure cotton and we scour the globe to ensure we are always at the forefront of wick technology.  Our range extends from the basics (beeswax tealight candlesbeeswax tapersbeeswax dinner candlesbeeswax pillar candles), to the innovative (beeswax jam jar tealightsBurning LoveEcobulb) and through to more designer beeswax candles(our rolled pillar candle ranges).

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