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So what does the International Year of Light mean for you?

I have to say that I was so excited when I heard that 2015 was declared by the United Nations to be the International Year of Light!  I was going into PR overdrive.  We were inviting some of the world's greatest photographers to shoot the world's finest beeswax candles.  Baz was going to call to see if he could do a promo video.  Qantas were delighted to do a tie in with another great Australian brand (just in case you're wondering which one it was, I was dreaming, and it was Queen B)!  I pretty sure Queen B even made it to G'day LASome think I'm single minded, but I thought it completely reasonable that they would be celebrating, in part, beeswax candles*.  As it turns out, they're primarily celebrating light based technologies!



*History records their use in China as far back as the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907AD).

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