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Beauty with Benefits

Beeswax Candles Image courtesy of Kara Rosenlund

As humans we are naturally drawn to beauty… but what keeps us interested is substance. What’s there when you scratch the surface?

There is something primal about the light and warmth provided by a candle flame. We are drawn to its natural light. As civilisation has progressed, the use of candles has changed from being functional to a tool used to create an ambience – be that for meditation, relaxation, romance, entertainment or atmosphere.

More recently, candles are no longer just being used for special occasions, they’re being used to find calmness in our busy lives. Their beauty is now part of our self-nurturing practices, adding to moments of stillness and reflection. We consider it a privilege to be part of these moments. It is an extra-ordinary honour to make light for a living … to make light that is good for you and for the planet.

Here’s a couple of ways that Queen B candles do that.
Burning a beeswax candle is said to be a natural ioniser.

What is ionisation? Ionisation is the addition or removal of an electron to create an ION. Dust, germs, allergens, pollution etc are positively charged ions that float in the air. A beeswax candle is said to emit negative ions when burning. The negative ion attaches to the positive ion to create an atom and as an atom is heavier than air, it drops to the ground (or is drawn into the pool of wax).

I was recently speaking to a retailer of many years who had been burning our tealights for years and towards the end of the conversation she mentioned that our latest batch of tealights weren’t burning very well. As we order tealight wicks 100,000 at a time and we’re about 60,000 wicks through the latest batch with no previously reported issues, and our know our wax well and knew that wouldn’t be the issue, I started brainstorming it with her. Was the tealight on a level surface… yes. Was it being burned on a very warm or cold surface… no. Had anyone started renovations nearby recently?... yes, there was a new shopping centre going up over the road. Voila! A beeswax candle is a natural ioniser… so it was busy working it’s little heart out drawing all of the new airborn particulate matter into the pool of wax clogging the base of the wick. Funnily enough, we had an even more passionate retailer after that as she understood yet another benefit of burning beeswax candles. We also suggested that she switch to burning pillar candles as the larger wick makes it better able to cope with dirt in the pool of wax and would provide even greater ionising benefits.

If non-toxic was a luxury, Beeswax candles would be the ultimate luxury.

We’ve been working on our Black Label range for 2 years since the original idea.

Shortly we will be unveiling to you our Black Label range. It’s an idea that we’ve been working on for 2 years. My dream was to create an exceptional range of Queen B candles and to create packaging for them that was as exquisite, useful and timeless as the candles themselves. Packaging that was as luxurious as a hand crafted, natural beeswax candle is in this day and age of toxic products churned out en masse from machinery.

kara-rosenlund-bath-1 Image courtesy of Kara Rosenlund

Firstly, I had to find a way of not creating packaging that would simply create more landfill. So, we’ve created boxes that are so rigid, so well crafted and so stylish that we believe they’ll have many lives post the Queen B candle that comes in them. It means we’ve printed all the product information on a paper sleeve you can feed to the worms, compost or recycle and you’ll be left with an exquisite black box with just the most subtle and stylish little Queen B moniker on it. And the candles in them… well they’re a little something special to which we’ll be unveiling to you very shortly!

We all need a little time out to ourselves to reflect and re-energise. Give yourself the gift of pure, natural, beautiful light.

You can check out our beautiful selection of natural, 100% Pure Beeswax candles HERE.

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Photo credit: Kara Rosenlund

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