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Wedding candles

  • Hanging glass teardrop candle holders - lighting outdoor areas

    With the mercury reaching 38 degrees yesterday in Sydney (and that's on the coast) it was all about being outdoors last night to catch the breeze and that meant firing up tealights in protective glass holders so the breeze didn't blow them out.  And THAT gave me the inspiration for this post and another couple we'll do this week with special offers to boot.

    Glass teardrop candleholder with bees wax tea light candle from Queen B


    These beautiful, clear glass, hanging teardrop candleholders are incredibly versatile.  I've used them sitting on an outdoor table (they're flat at the base), I've used them indoors (to light up a corner where I didn't have a table with candles on it and to create 'layers' of candlelight at various heights) and, of course, they're perfect for outdoors to hang in trees (or, in my case, off balcony railings)!


    Glass teardrop candle holder with bee wax tealight candle in clear cup with a happy flame



    With summer in the air, we're doing 2 special offers (offers expire on 27th November 2014 @11.59pm):

    Offer 1 - We've got 10% off our Clear Glass Teardrop Candleholders until 27/11/14

    Offer 2 (exclusive to blog followers and newsletter subscribers) - For every 5 Teardrop Candleholders you buy, we'll throw in a box of 5 x 4-5hr Beeswax Tealight candles in clear cups (that's the one in the photo) - so you get 10% off the teardrops (saving around $7.50) and the tealights for free (saving a further $14.95 - the equivalent of a further 20% off).  This second offer is only available to those of you who follow us (either on the blog or by getting our newsletter).  So that we know you're in the know, you need to mention "Free Tealights please" in the comments field when you check out.  No mention at the time of ordering, no free tealights.  No arguments!  Again, this offer expires at 11.59pm on 27/11/14.

    Clear glass hanging candle holder for bees wax tea light candles These are a couple of photographs sent to me by a customer using the same holders (without the tear drop). Lovely to see them in action (they were using the tealights in metal cups)
  • They say that "good things come in small packages"

    ... and so it is that today we're launching 2 new products in our ever extending range of pure Australian beeswax tealight candles - 4-5hr tealights (clear cups) - pack of 5 and 8-9hr tealights (clear cups) - pack of 5.

    We're also excited to finally (after a year of packaging disasters!) have our box of 8 Jam Jar Tealights with 8 jars back on the shelves in brand, spanking new Queen B packaging! (that's probably not that exciting for you but if you knew what we'd been through to get here you'd be very excited too)!

    To celebrate their launch we've got all 3 products at 10% off until 11.59pm tomorrow night (3rd November 2014).

    100% pure beeswax tealight candles in clear cups - a great sustainable gift idea 4-5hr Tealights in clear cups - Box of 5
    pure beeswax tlite candles in clear cups 8-9hr Tealights in clear cups - Box of 5
    Pure beeswax tlite candles in glass jam jars Jam Jar Tealight Pack - 8 Jars + 8 candles


    With our new 5 packs of tealights in clear cups and our extensive range of gorgeous candleholders (many of which retail for $15 and under) you'll have most of your Christmas gifts sorted for under $40.

    With our pack of 8 Jam Jar tealights (all with jars) the table decorations and ambience for your next dinner party is all taken care of.  If you've got a larger event or wedding planned or a larger space to light, remember we now have longer burning Jam Jar tealights available (with 6+ hrs of burning) in a bulk pack of 60 candles.

  • Longer burning Jam Jar Tealights

    The Short Story

    Guy obsessed with jam jars zero waste, off the grid restaurant + girl obsessed with beeswax (that's me!) =  Jam Jar Tealights (5+ hr burn time)

    Guy obsessed with quality + high end French restaurant + (slightly older) girl obsessed with beeswax = Longer burning Jam Jar Tealights (6+hrs)

    Happily it seems that there are other guys and girls that were also wanting refillable tealights in jam jars as they're one of our most popular products.  And now, for all of you with longer staying power we've got pure beeswax Jam Jar Tealight candles that will go the full distance in a Party Pack of 60 candles.

    The End

    Guillaume use pure beeswax jam jar tealights from Queen B for the best burning beeswax candles on the market Image thanks to Julie Gibbs (Lantern - Penguin Books)


    The Longer Story

    If I went through our product list at Queen B many of the products have been developed as a solution for a client and then become an integral part of our range.  Our pure beeswax tealight candles were originally developed for Macro Wholefoods because the only other manufacturer of "beeswax" tealights used macadamia nut oil in all his candles.  The Eco Bulb was done in collaboration with Joost and later used by the World Wildlife Fund for their Earth Hour campaign.   Our Hurricane candles were designed for the inaugural official Earth Hour launch event held on windy shores at Lady Macquarie's Chair.  Our Bee Lights were developed for a Greek Orthodox Church customer.  The Jam Jar Tealights were made to solve the lighting at the Greenhouse sustainable restaurant as they had no artificial lighting.  And the list goes on.

    And so it was that a few months ago we were approached by Guillaume Brahimi who was getting ready to open Guillaume in Paddington.  They wanted to use our Jam Jar Tealights and liked the size of the jar but needed them to burn for an hour longer.  A couple of frustrating, production issues months later and they're in use, thoroughly tested ready to light up all of those summer weddings, events and parties that need candlelight that will go the extra distance - from before the first guests arrive until after Cinderella leaves the ball.

    See, wasn't that long after all!

    If you've used our jam jar tealights, tell us what you love about them most in the comments section below and we'll send a free Jam Jar Tealight Pack (2 jars + 8 candles) to the winning comment.  Winner drawn at 5pm tomorrow - Tuesday, 28th October 2014.

    Queen B taper candles and jam jar beeswax tealight candles Photograph courtesy of a customer

    Looking forward to lighting up your summer (and your autumn and winter and spring),

    Cate xx

  • Help keep Stephen off the Streets

    I asked Sarah to come up with a catchy headline for this blog post and there it is!!

    We're lucky to have a very talented local painter, Stephen (just in case you hadn't worked that out!), who now hand paints all of our personalised candles at Queen B and we want him around here more!!!  Stephen is a funny, quirky, breath of fresh air, and in hive of women it's fresh air we enjoy!

    So, here are few recent examples of Queen B personalised candles painted by our very own drone!

    christening or naming day candle hand painted on a pure beeswax pillar candle A special thank you to Paula for sharing, and allowing us to share, this photograph. xx
    hand painted personalised candle, unique gift, australian made, a gift for an amazing friend An extraordinary gift for a friend
    Happy wedding love aunts and uncles Such beautiful sentiment... and on a candle that's going to burn for over 200 hours... the customer requested a light blue floral surround and away we went!
    name candles for wedding, wedding unity candle, australian made, Hand painted wedding unity candles

    You can find more details about our personalised candles in various sections of the website - Baptismal (or Christening) Candles, Wedding Unity Candles, Bereavement Candles and other Personalised Gift Candles.

    Here's to a little more testosterone at the hive!

    Cate xx

  • Announcing our new "Mini Pillar"… filling the gap between a tea light, a Bee Light and a solid pillar!

    What do you get when you want a candle that is taller than a beeswax tea light candle?  Narrower than a solid beeswax pillar candle? Wider than a Bee Light or beeswax taper candles? And doesn't need to be burned in a container like beeswax votive candles and tealight candles?…

    You get a Queen B pure beeswax Mini Pillar candle!

    mini beeswax Queen B pillar candle natural happy flame for pure beeswax light Mini Pillar candle - 100% pure beeswax


    Sitting approximately 5cm tall and 3.2cm wide this mini-pillar burns with a beautiful, large flame (much larger than a tea light flame).  Left out (i.e. not in an enclosed space), it won't drip.  Put in a contained space, it can consume the wax to a much wider diameter than a tea light or votive.

    You can see in the video below two different uses for the mini-pillar. The jar I use in the video has an external diameter of 6.7cm. Remember to put sand in the bottom of the jar to give the candle a level surface to sit on.


    This candle was borne of customer feedback (and a glaring hole in our range).  I've already put it to work getting my Page Thirty Three Oil Burner fired up (one of the draw backs of their design is that they really need a large flame to heat that volume of water and because it is very exposed).  This little pillar rises to the challenge admirably making the oil burner work a treat.  It's a stunning looking oil burner too.

    I was contemplating product development recently and took the time to prepare a process chart capturing the Product Development Cycle at Queen B.  Sometimes I wonder why I never seem to get anything done!...

    Queen B product development lifecycle flowchart/diagrammatic template… let's have a meeting to discuss! Queen B product development lifecycle flowchart… let's have a meeting to discuss!


    To celebrate the launch we're doing 20% off for 24 hours only.  Blink and you'll miss it.

  • An eco wedding lit by honeycomb pillars

    When one of the original team behind Earth Hour organised her wedding, the eco credentials of all the partners that went into making her day magic were critical.  Being a bit of a style maven the look was just as important.   She came to us wanting the candles to be the centrepiece of every table.  Rather than volumes of flowers thrown away at the end of the night, the bride opted to keep the table decorations very simple with one of our large honeycomb pillar candles in the centre of every table and a smaller beeswax pillar candle at each place serving triple duty - bomboniere/wedding favour gift, place holder and ambience creator.  Using candles as the table centrepiece is an idea that is a fraction of the cost of what many brides spend on flowers alone and then had an abundance of candles left over on the night to light up their honeymoon (and probably about the first 5 years of married life given how long our beeswax pillars burn for)!

    wedding decorations, wedding table centrepiece idea, eco wedding, wedding candles Keeping the wedding table decorations simple, a Queen B pure honeycomb pillar candle formed the centrepiece of every tableOur bride had the venue turn the lights to their lowest setting to allow the ambience to be 


    Our bride had the venue turn the lights to their lowest setting to allow the candles to create a magical and romantic ambience on the evening.  Look at the incredible warm glow created with all those golden, bee created flames. 

    candle bomboniere, bonbonniere gift, eco wedding Eco wedding ambience courtesy of pure beeswax honeycomb pillars


    Each hand-rolled, pure honeycomb, beeswax pillar candle was wrapped with twine and a place card for each guest... a bomboniere gift for them to take with them at the end of the evening.  As a bride said to me once, every time one of our friends lights their wedding favour candle they'll be thinking lovely things about us and you can't buy that sort of karma!

    wedding favour, bomboniere idea, wedding centrepiece, eco wedding Queen B pure beeswax pillar candles doubled as wedding favours and eco table decoration


    bomboniere idea, bomboniere gift, wedding favour, wedding centrepiece, wedding table decoration Bomboniere gift idea, wedding table decoration and eco wedding ambience all rolled into one


    If we’ve lit your wedding or event (no matter how big or how small) and you have beautiful, professional quality photographs showing the candlelight on the occasion that you’d be happy for us to share, please email them to me and we’ll give you a $25.00 credit on your next order.  We’re also happy to provide credit to the photographer.

    Sweetness & light and all things bright,

    Cate xx

  • Luxury wedding at Catalina lit with bee created light

    Another day, another amazing event lit with bee created light from Queen B!  Our brief for this occasion was to light a luxury, eco wedding at Catalina, Rose Bay.  Flowers by Grandiflora.

    The ambience for this occasion was created with two types of candles:

    1. Firstly, we created bespoke candles for the bride and groom featuring the design on their wedding invitation.  We made 4 candles in total which were placed with a large floral feature as guests walked into the venue.
      wedding candle table centrepiece, eco wedding, sustainable wedding, luxury wedding, Wedding table centrepiece - personalised unity candle for luxury eco weddings
      unity candle, wedding candle ceremony, unity candle ceremony, beeswax pillar candle, beeswax candle Luxury wedding unity candle centrepiece decorations
      unity candle, wedding candle, wedding centrepiece decorations Bespoke design wedding unity candles as wedding centrepiece decorations - pure beeswax and hand-painted
    2. Secondly, our 8-9hr tealights were placed in small fishbowls at each guest place setting... best actress in a supporting role to the incredible wedding centrepiece flowers done by Grandiflora
      wedding centrepiece, wedding candle, wedding table decoration, Wedding table centrepiece flowers + ring of beeswax tealight candles in mini fishbowls. More wedding ideas.
      wedding ideas, table centrepieces, eco wedding, luxury wedding, designer wedding Wedding table centrepiece ideas - for your eco friendly luxury wedding. Eco wedding supplies and gifts.
      table centrepieces, eco friendly wedding table decorations, wedding ideas Table centrepiece flowers with beeswax tealight wedding ideas for eco friendly wedding supplies and gifts
      wedding table centrepiece, wedding idea, unique table decorations, eco wedding, sustainable event The simplicity of nature - bee created light courtesy of pure beeswax candles from Queen B and gorgeous flowers (pollinated by bees)!
      wedding ideas, table centrepieces, eco wedding, luxury wedding, designer wedding Table centrepieces - combine beautiful flowers with pure beeswax tealight candles for gorgeous ambience and luxury style


    Funnily, my last boss (the lovely one who thought I was mad for giving up my well paying job to do Queen B) was at this wedding and seated next to a guest who upon seeing the candles burning recognised them immediately as being pure beeswax and started raving on about these 'Queen B' pure beeswax candles that she buys online etc etc.  He was proud as punch!  That was only two degrees of separation to a customer I had never met before but who had bought online for years.  It's lovely how things come full circle.

    If you're organising an eco wedding or sustainable event and you're looking for ambience that packs a punch and unique ideas, give us a buzz.  As an Australian manufacturer we can move fast and you can rest assured that you're hard earned money made a difference many times over - not just to creating an unforgettable event, but to the jobs supported by buying Queen B candles.

  • Eco wedding - pure beeswax candles

    We're pretty spoiled for choice on things to write about at Queen B, but I have to say that one of my greatest delights is when our customers share photographs with us of their events and we can see our hand-crafted beauties doing their thing.

    It is one thing to sell beeswax candles, it is another thing entirely to make natural light.

    It's one thing to use candles at a wedding or event, it is another thing entirely to use completely natural beeswax candles with their unique golden light (not to mention that your guests don't have to breathe in toxic fumes all night)... that simple choice will not just create a special ambience, but you're also supporting bees, our beekeepers, the regional communities they live in, jobs at Queen B... not to mention the environment and planet!  One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.  Wedding... becomes eco wedding... luxury wedding... different... special!

    While my raison d'étre may be hand-crafting natural, non-toxic, carbon neutral, eco candlelight, we are fortunate that our candles appeal just as much to the luxury end of the market as they do to the conscious or eco consumer... not that they're mutually exclusive!

    Anyway, I thought it might be nice to share some of the photographs from events we've lit.  A picture speaks a thousands words (and, often, so do I!).  These photographs are from a wedding held at The Wharf in Sydney.  Flowers by Grandiflora.

    For this wedding, the candles were used in two ways:

    1. Ambience - rising to the challenge of creating a warm, romantic, intimate ambience in a huge warehouse space, our 8-9hr tealight candles were placed in mini-fishbowls at each guest's place setting and dotted along the windowsill around the venue.  NB putting candles into a glass not only provides wind protection but the glass reflects more light... giving you more bang for your hard earned buck.
      eco wedding, beeswax tealight candle, sustainable candle, carbon neutral wedding, eco event, sustainable event Queen B beeswax tealight candles at each guest's place and dotted along the windowsill of the venue
      eco wedding, sustainable wedding, eco event, sustainable event, pure beeswax tealight, beeswax tlite candle, grandiflora flowers wedding beeswax Queen B pure beeswax 8-9hr tealight candles are the longest burning tealights on the market... so the ambience goes on and on
      eco candlelight for your eco wedding or eco event, sustainable beeswax tealight candle Stunning flowers by Grandiflora... candlelight by Queen B's long burning 8-9hr beeswax tealight candles


    2. A sea of candlelight feature table - our bride wanted to create a sea of candles as a feature at the event.  This was cleverly achieved on a budget by using large fishbowls, glass plinths, tealight holders and votive holders along with various sizes of candles to create the look.  The flickering of the flames reflecting off the glass holders of different sizes and shapes created the look of hundreds of candle flames.
      eco wedding, sustainable wedding, eco event, sustainable event, beeswax candle The sea of beeswax candles created a lovely light feature table for this eco luxury wedding created a beautiful impact
      eco wedding, beeswax candle wedding, sustainable wedding, eco event, sustainable event, candle feature, sea of candlelight The use of glass fishbowls allows for a huge candle feature table on a more limited budget
      eco wedding, sustainable wedding, carbon neutral wedding, eco candlelight, beeswax candle, beeswax wedding Create a sea of beeswax candlelight with the clever use of fishbowls, hurricanes, plinths, tealight holders, votive glasses etc
      eco wedding, sustainable wedding, eco event, sustainable event Creating a candle feature at your luxury eco wedding or event is a high impact way of creating instant ambience


    A few tips for creating this look:

    • most good florists will have glassware that they can lend/hire to you for the evening rather than purchasing it.
    • if you're having an event at home or not using a florist for your event, hire glasses (lowballs or highballs) as another cheap way of creating this look without breaking the bank
    • otherwise, most Vinnies stores have a huge range of glassware for sale... I've lit an event before where I bought over 150 glasses for 50c each and then dropped them back the next day.  That's a win win!  And the different sizes, shapes and heights of the glasses create a beautiful look... if that's the look you're going for!... it's not the luxury eco wedding look, but it is a lovely look!
    • these photographs were taken before we launched our tealights in clear cups... the tealights in clear cups would be EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL... if that's even possible

    If we've lit your wedding or event (no matter how big or how small) and you have beautiful, professional quality photographs showing the candlelight on the occasion that you'd be happy for us to share, please email them to me and we'll give you a $25.00 credit on your next order.  We're also happy to provide credit to the photographer.

    Sweetness & light and all things bright,

    Cate xx

  • More Jam Jar Tealight goodness

    Our surprise hit of 2012 was the product we collaborated with Joost on - Jam Jar tealights.  A perfect illustration of 1 + 1 = far more than 2.  A glass jam jar + a pure beeswax tealight candle = hours of loveliness.  A jar full of romance?  And ampule of ambience?  A window of perfection?  Oh, don't get me started... I'm just back from a great break and I'm feeling the love.

    Anyway, the break gave me an opportunity to get to some of the 1,000 unread emails in my inbox (whoops) which made me realise that you wanted more options.  Of course, options mean me holding stock (so that we can ship out your goodies outrageously fast), but the brain cells have brainstormed and they all agree that this is a fabulous idea.

    So, with no further ado, we have two new options available in the Jam Jar tealights... a box of 8 Jam Jars tealights (8 jars + 8 candles)

    Pack of 8 Jam Jar beeswax tealight candles with 8 jars Pack of 8 Jam Jar beeswax tealight candles with 8 jars

    And a box of 60 Jam Jar tealight refills (which is a great complement to our Jam Jar tealight Party Pack).

    With that many pure beeswax Jam Jar tealights you can create beauty like this

    natural beeswax tealight candle in recyclable glass jam jars - a collaboration with Joost Bakker For your valentine (or wedding candles)


    or this...


    natural beeswax tealite candle in recyclable glass jam jar For the directionless

    Wishing you a very happy, beeswax candlelit 2013.

    May your Valentine (be that you or someone else) shower you in natural, golden light, poured by hand from the loins of Australian bees.


    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holderspersonalised candlesvotive candlestealight candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

  • A gift for every week of the year

    Recently we were asked to Express Post 5 of our Roll Your Own kits to a long term customer.  A week later I got a thank you call and asked what they were for.  Turns out they were used to create the world's most thoughtful gift.

    Imagine opening a gift every week for an entire year, made by hand, by your favourite people on the planet, containing a wish, a message, a surprise or a thought for you... and a little candlelight to hold that wish.

    As each guest arrived, she gave them a couple of sheets of wax (& wick), a couple of strips of paper, a pen and a couple of pieces of twine and they created their gift.  I, honestly, think it is one of the best ideas I have come across.  So good that I borrowed it (with permission) and made it as a wedding gift for very dear friends.

    I also sought her permission to share it on my blog and to save her buying 5 kits in future, we've created The World's Most Thoughtful Gift as a product - giving you 52 sheets of wax and 52 pieces of wick to create your own... or you could do once a month wish candles for 4 lots of friends (with a few left over for you), or even once a quarter wish candles for 13 friends!

    (A word at the outset - my skills as a beeswax candle-maker do not extend to photography.  I am a lover of great photography and therefore constantly aware of the shortcomings of my own.  If you can just shut your eye's and imagine the beauty of this gift, or how you would feel receiving this gift, I am sure you will appreciate what an extraordinary gift it truly is).

    Beeswax sheets and wick for rolling beeswax candles World's Most Thoughtful Gift - candlemaking supplies
    sheets of honeycomb beeswax for rolling bee wax dinner stick candles A creative way to display your beeswax sheets (No, I won't give up my day job)!
    Pure beeswax honeycomb sheets of wax for candle rolling A gratuitous shot so that you can appreciate the extraordinary beauty of beeswax
    You'll need to source paper & twine
    Write your wish, message, thought or surprise
    Wrap it around the candle (message face in) and tie with twine
    Perfect wedding gift, roll your own beeswax tapers The World's Most Thoughtful Gift - for weddings, birthdays, Christmas or just because

    How beautiful is that?  Thank you Sharon for sharing - your creativity is a gift. xx

    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holderspersonalised candlesvotive candlestealight candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.


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