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  • Announcing our new "Mini Pillar"… filling the gap between a tea light, a Bee Light and a solid pillar!

    What do you get when you want a candle that is taller than a beeswax tea light candle?  Narrower than a solid beeswax pillar candle? Wider than a Bee Light or beeswax taper candles? And doesn't need to be burned in a container like beeswax votive candles and tealight candles?…

    You get a Queen B pure beeswax Mini Pillar candle!

    mini beeswax Queen B pillar candle natural happy flame for pure beeswax light Mini Pillar candle - 100% pure beeswax


    Sitting approximately 5cm tall and 3.2cm wide this mini-pillar burns with a beautiful, large flame (much larger than a tea light flame).  Left out (i.e. not in an enclosed space), it won't drip.  Put in a contained space, it can consume the wax to a much wider diameter than a tea light or votive.

    You can see in the video below two different uses for the mini-pillar. The jar I use in the video has an external diameter of 6.7cm. Remember to put sand in the bottom of the jar to give the candle a level surface to sit on.


    This candle was borne of customer feedback (and a glaring hole in our range).  I've already put it to work getting my Page Thirty Three Oil Burner fired up (one of the draw backs of their design is that they really need a large flame to heat that volume of water and because it is very exposed).  This little pillar rises to the challenge admirably making the oil burner work a treat.  It's a stunning looking oil burner too.

    I was contemplating product development recently and took the time to prepare a process chart capturing the Product Development Cycle at Queen B.  Sometimes I wonder why I never seem to get anything done!...

    Queen B product development lifecycle flowchart/diagrammatic template… let's have a meeting to discuss! Queen B product development lifecycle flowchart… let's have a meeting to discuss!


    To celebrate the launch we're doing 20% off for 24 hours only.  Blink and you'll miss it.

  • A whole swag of medals at the Royal Easter Show

    The judging results for the Royal Easter Show are in, and we're absolutely thrilled to have a haul of medals again this year.

    I was particularly excited to enter in the competition this year with a block of wax.  Haven't really been able to do that before because the wax has to be from your own hive.  But now that I finally have my own hive, the bees and I went to work  (OK, so the bees really did most the work) and we put in a killer block of wax and won a ribbon for Champion Beeswax.  Get a load of that red, white and blue.  More is definitely better.  Bigger is also better.  We're going to be singing the Queen song at work on Tuesday.  May even download it and put it on repeat!  We are the champions my friends... we'll keep on fighting til the end... we are the champions... we are the champions... Join in people!

    Champion Beeswax ribbon for Queen B at Royal Easter Show


    There were also four categories of competition for candles, and we were delighted to win ribbons in every category.

    Beeswax moulds

    First place in Beeswax Moulds


    Third place in Beeswax Moulds


    Rolled candles

    Second place for Rolled Candles


    Third Place for Rolled Candles


    (O.K., yes I know, we don't really like the red and white ones as much as the blue ribbons... but then there's years of therapy in resolving that one and at my age, I've come to accept that I'm a perfectionist... and that's OK with me!)

    Poured Candles

    First place in Poured Candles


    Dipped Candles

    Second place in Dipped Candles



    Got to be pretty happy with that haul.

    May just sew them together and make a cover for the throne.  No, not that throne, the other one.

    I'm as happy (and awarded) as my new friend the lama.  Although I don't see any Champion ribbons there Mr Lama (and my breath is better too).

    Happy lama



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