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  • New Taper Candleholders to hold your Beeswax Tapers (and new taper packaging)

    My go to source of light most evenings are our beeswax dinner candles and Bee Lights.  A great, economical source of light and with the flame front and centre, a great source of calmness and tranquility.  So, I'm always excited to find new, stylish candleholders for taper candles... and we've got lots of new ones to show you.


    Firstly, our "Clippy" candleholders.  A few months ago when we tidied our stationery shelves Sarah found out about my bulldog clip fetish (I think there were over 500 clips in different shapes and sizes).  Imagine my excitement then to find Clippy.  Stylish yet practical, it takes up little room on a busy dining room table.  Industrial looking, great design and designer aesthetic - all rolled into 1 smart candleholder.

    Clippy industrial metal candleholder for beeswax taper candles "Clippy" candleholder


    You can find Clippy on it's own in Candleholders on our website here ($12.50 each), or, we've put together a Clippy + Tapers pack for $34.16 which is a 10% saving.

    Clippe metal industrial candle holder for beeswax dinner tapers from Queen b Clippy + Beeswax Dinner Taper Pack (10% off)


    Flower Candleholders

    If you prefer a splash of colour, these metal, flower candleholders are just gorgeous.  We've been discussing whether they are iceberg roses, ranunculus or magnolia so we thought perhaps just "flowers" would be safer!

    Beeswax dinner candles in metal industrial flower candleholders Metal Flower Candle Holders for beeswax dinner candles

    They come in 3 heights and colours:

    - small (yellow) - 10cm tall - $13.75
    - medium (turquoise) - 15cm tall - $16.50
    - tall (red) - 24cm tall - $19.25

    Or you can get all 3 with 10% off here.

    White Ceramic Wee Willie Winky

    And just in case that wasn't enough loveliness, we also recently found a new white ceramic Wee Willie Winkie (to complement out brass and copper Wee Willie Winkies).

    White ceramic Wee Willie Winky candleholder for beeswax taper candles White ceramic Wee Willie Winkie candle holder


    New Taper Packaging and new Box of 4 x 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper candles

    If you've followed Queen B for a while, you may have noticed that we've been progressively rolling out new packaging.  I can't bear waste, so we've been updating the packaging as and when we run out of the old.  The newest packaging to be done is our Dinner Candle / Taper packaging.

    Our 20cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles now come in a box of 4 (RRP $24.95)

    box of 4 pure Australian beeswax dinner taper candles - non toxic 20cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (Box of 4)


    And we've now got a beautiful box for our 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (box of 4) (RRP $34.95)

    beeswax dinner taper candles 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (Box of 4)


    There's lots of lovely ways to light up your life daily with beautiful, natural, bee created light... cheaper than electricity.

  • If you have nothing illuminating to say, don't say anything at all

    I've had a rule at Queen B for the past decade which is that having access to someone's inbox is a privilege and if I don't have anything befitting that privilege to say, then I stay quiet.  It seems to breach every currently practiced law of marketing, but then again I've always marched to the beat of my own drum... Funny, I just caught myself out...  I was about to say "I don't like to follow rules" but if you saw the list of rules that I live my life by you'd laugh.  Let's just say that my rules are a bit different to normal business rules!

    So, why the blog post then?  Two reasons... firstly, the volume of emails and calls from you guys checking in to see whether I was OK has been escalating! (heartening to know you care).  Secondly, we've been doing a big clean up from last year and "Second's World" at the hive is full and needs emptying.  And that means there are some bargains to be had.

    Here's a list of what we've got going (on a first come, first served basis):

    bargain beeswax candles with slight blemishes A brief glimpse into the delights awaiting homes in Seconds World

    You know what else I've realised in writing this post?... I've actually missed it.  You know how when a loved one has been away for a while and you're a little anxious about their return?  Will it be the same?  Will they still like me?  (does my bottom look big in this?!)

    Sure, I promise (again) to only write when I feel I have something interesting and/or edifying and/or relevant to say BUT in truth I think I was just having a bit of trouble getting back on this horse.  Now that I'm here, I'm wondering what I've been fussing over.  It's great to be back.  May 2014 be happy, healthy, fun, filled with laughter and may it be filled with the beautiful light that nature provided for us in the guise of beeswax candles.

    (Belated) happy new year loved ones.

    Cate xx

  • Creating a bee beard... at the Royal Easter Show

    Each year the NSW Apiarists Association has a stand at Sydney's Royal Easter Show.  It is the single biggest fund raising initiative annually and the funds raised keep the association going.  Staffed entirely by volunteers, most of whom are beekeepers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, it is a great educational initiative. [There are also a few of us with very little beekeeping experience but a bucket load of passion for bees!]

    The goal of Honeyland is to educate people about bees and honey.  It sits alongside the entries for the National Honey Show showcasing honey, beeswax, beeswax candles, bee pollen, frames of honeycomb, mead and all manner of other bee-created goodness.

    Whilst we all like to eat fruit and veggies, and most of us like to eat honey, our bee sisters have suffered for many years with a bad reputation.  Like most people, insects and animals, honeybees have a mechanism for communicating their displeasure if they feel like they are under attack... they sting.  Much like you or I may shout or lash out if someone trod on us, a honeybee will sting when they feel threatened.  Thankfully European honeybees don't generally attack if they're not provoked and most people aren't even aware of their work in our gardens and parks every day.  They are absolutely necessary if we want to live in a green city. Recognising this, a few years ago the NSWAA established a "Bee-Zeebo" to do live bee demonstrations to educate people about bees and honey.

    Live bee demonstration in the Bee-zeebo at Honeyland (Royal Easter Show) Live bee demonstration in the Bee-zeebo at Honeyland (Royal Easter Show)

    One of the primary educators is Bees In The City's very own bee whisperer, Bruce White OAM.  Like watching or listening to anyone who is extremely skilled in their chosen profession, watching and listening to Bruce is mesmerising... particularly if you're interested in bees!

    Bees In The City, Bruce White - Bee Whisperer My fabulous business partner for Bees In The City, Bruce White

    This year, for the first time, a beekeeper, Craig Klingner, demonstrated a bee beard.  To make a bee beard, the queen bee is put in a 'queen cage' (with a few attendants) and hung around the beekeepers neck.  Her progeny (worker bees) are then let out of the hive where they will climb up the beekeepers and gather around their queen.  With over 10,000 worker bees clustered around his neck and face it was a great demonstration of the safety of working with bees (if you know what you're doing) and their in built mechanism to gather around their queen (much like you see when there is a swarm).

    Craig Klingner beekeeper bee beard honeyland Craig Klingner demonstrating a bee beard in the Bee-Zeebo at Honeyland (Royal Easter Show Sydney)
    Craig Klingner beekeeper bee beard honeyland Sydney Royal Easter Show Craig Klingner demonstrating a bee beard in the Bee-Zeebo at Honeyland (Royal Easter Show Sydney)
    Craig Klingner beekeeper bee beard honeyland Sydney Royal Easter Show Craig Klingner demonstrating a bee beard in the Bee-Zeebo at Honeyland (Royal Easter Show Sydney)


    Oh, and did I mention that our 45cm dipper beeswax taper candles won first prize?!  Happy days.  We don't have them available online because we can't find a box suitable to ship them in (any box that long is as wide and high and thus we get killed on postage), but they are available at the hive and some of our lovely retailers.

    Queen B Pure beeswax taper candle first prize Sydney Royal Easter Show Did I mention that our 45cm tapers won first prize?! :-)

    Next time you're at the Easter Show, remember to pop into Honeyland to taste the honey's for sale and support the NSW Apiarists Association and the beekeepers that keep us nourished (and naturally sweetened)!

    Cate xx


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