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  • The most romantic candle... ever

    Yesterday one of the worker bees asked me if he could paint a candle for his new girlfriend's birthday... in fact he asked if I could paint it and (as he is 21 and from Nepal and grew up on a monastery and is very naive and really sweet and calls me his "Australian mum") I suggested that it would be nicer if he painted it.

    He came in early to paint the candle today...


    I swear I would fall madly in love with any man who admired my obtuseness enough to call me his "angle".

    [NB I then had a crisis for most of the day as to whether to point it out because I thought it was just so beautiful.  I was finally persuaded that I should tell him and when I did, he giggled and said it didn't matter!]

    What's the most romantic thing that someone ever said or did for you?...

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