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  • Cam shaft candlesticks

    Sometimes it helps to have no idea about cars or their mechanics...

    Driving across the Nullarbor, we happened upon a town (it actually had a name) that consisted of a church on one side of the road and an abandoned house on the other.  Mitch looked for enlightenment, I looked for treasure.

    Previous Home of Cam Shaft Candlesticks

    I emerged victorious a little while later with my new "candlesticks" in hand.  I know enlightenment can be achieved simply by lighting a few beeswax candles.  Anyway, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder as Mitch thought they looked like rusted old cam shafts.  I have an eye for potential, potential, potential.  Renovators dream.  A blank canvas.  All things that get me excited!

    About 2000km's later and lots of elbow grease, I got to work on my new candlesticks over the weekend, and voila... if that's not a thing of beauty, then I'm a pork chop.  Now I just need to drill a hole in the top for a taper candle, sand off the bottom and fire them up.  I'm told these are from a 6 cylinder Holden.  Being a Holden ute girl, that was music to my ears.  Never before have I been so fascinated by pistons and cylinders.  Next week I'm going hunting for some 4 cylinder cam shafts.  Happy days.  I bet my parents are happy they paid for that private school education now!

    Cam shaft candlesticks (before & after)

    Reckon I should get a range of these on the market?  At about 80cm tall, the drama queen in you will LOVE them!

    Cate x


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