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  • Launch of Dinosaur Designs Atelier range of Queen B candles

    A creative collaboration is in some ways like giving birth (although the pain is rather more cerebral!)... you have to find the right partner, with similar values.  It's best if you each bring different, although compatible, strengths to the relationship.  There's a process of getting to know one another and, if it is a good partnership, the alchemy where 1+1=3.  You get better at it with time.  And then you decide to create something that is in and of your joint DNA, that hopefully you'll love (!!!).  I guess that's where I'll leave the analogy because it the product world there is also the process of rejecting things you don't like along the way and trial and error and, well, that's just a conversation we don't need to have on a beeswax candle blog!

    Which brings me to the point of this post which is the announcement of our new Dinosaur Designs Atelier range - a joint collaboration with Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, the talented duo behind Dinosaur Designs.


    dinosaur designs atelier range of Queen B candles - individually hand made in Australia Dinosaur Designs Atelier range of pure beeswax candles from Queen B


    Atelier is the French word for "workshop", and in English is used primarily for the workshop of an artist in the fine or decorative arts, where a principal master and a number of assistants, students, and apprentices worked together producing pieces released in the master's name.

    Building on last year's two designs - Totem and Boulders - this year they came up with 3 new designs in the Atelier range.  We clearly used up all the creativity on the design and making process and they're simply titled "Blue, Red & Yellow"!!

    Beautiful to mix and match in a cluster, or as you can see below just as stunning on it's own... or with a honeycomb pillar.

    You can only imagine the hardship I went through having to do testing...


    dinosaur designs collaboration with queen B - hand made beeswax candles Atelier Blue - testing!


    The candles are part of a larger Atelier range from Dinosaur Designs covering an entire range of homewares and jewellery.  To see the full Atelier range (including the candles), head to your nearest Dinosaur Designs stores (including London and New York).  Or, you can find an extensive range of Queen B candles (including the Dinosaur Designs candles) at Make Designed Objects in Carlton and, of course, you can see them at Queen B's Hive in Brookvale.  We've all got them available online.

    We'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Cate xx

  • Help us pick a new design (and be in with a chance to win)

    One of the exciting things we've been working on this year is a collaboration with the International School of Colour and Design (ISCD) with each of the students in the Surface Design course coming up with a potential new design for our rolled beeswax pillars.

    The first batch of designs are in.
    We're spoiled for choice and we need your feedback.

    We're potentially launching 2 new designs... depending on your feedback.  The first design we'll be launching was chosen by a judging panel consisting of Louise Olsen (Dinosaur Designs), Deb Bibby (editor of Real Living magazine), Jodie Warters (Surface Design teacher, ISCD) and me.  The winner will be announced (and profiled) in the Christmas issue of Real Living magazine (on sale on 11th November).

    Our potential second design will depend on your feedback.  For me, there was at least one other design crying out to be part of the Queen B range.  But ultimately the success of any new product is completely dependent upon having customers that love it.  Please be opinionated, it will only take a second - you can comment below or comment on our Facebook page.  I'll be picking one entry to win a prize pack valued at over $350 (that's 1 in every size of the new design & a pack of Jam Jar Tealights because they're gorgeous).  The winning comment will be picked on Sunday, 3rd November @ 5pm and my decision is final!

    Vote loud.  Vote long.  Vote strong.
    Here's your chance to shake off the shackles of your day to day life and be a product designer for a minute... and you'll have my heartfelt gratitude too.

    Here's the line up (and following is a closer up photograph of each design).

    Rolled beeswax pillar candles ISCD Surface Design competition line up Please be opinionated - tell us which is your favourite design and why (click on the image to see a larger version)

    In no particular order, the designs are as follows:

    Natural Threads surface design by ISCD studen for Queen B candles "Natural Threads"
    Starry Night surface design by ISCD student for Queen B candles "Starry Night"
    Art deco sunburst surface design by ISCD student for Queen B candles "Sunburst"
    Tribal surface design by ISCD student for Queen B candles "Tribe"
    Pollen surface design by ISCD student for Queen B candles "Pollen"
    Wings surface design by ISCD student for Queen B candles "Angel Wings"
    Fez Lantern surface design by ISCD student for Queen B beeswax candles "Fez Lantern"
    Bedelia surface design by ISCD student for Queen B beeswax candles "Bedelia"
    Diamonds surface design by ISCD student for Queen B beeswax candles "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"

    A very big thank you also to Louise Olsen, Deb Bibby and Jodie Warters for being on the 'pro's' judging panel and sharing their time and expertise.  It was a privilege.  And it heralded a whole rethink about Queen B and what we do.

    Surface Design judging panel for Queen B rolled beeswax pillar candle 2013 design The Judges - Jodie Warters (ISCD), Louise Olsen (Dinosaur Designs), Me, Deb Bibby (Real Living Magazine)

    Thanks for being part of this journey with me.  There is no Queen B without our customers.  It is you who ultimately keep our dream alive with the choices you make.

    Cate xx

  • Launch of Limited Edition Dinosaur Designs candles

    Queen B for Dinosaur Designs by Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy beeswax candle range

    You know when you've wanted something for so long and when it happens you kind of have to pinch yourself?

    When you've had your head down and your bum up for a decade and you lift your head and think 'wow, I didn't realise how far I'd travelled'?

    How when you meet someone you've admired from afar you're meant to play it really cool?

    Well, this is all those things for me (apart from the fact that I'm not playing it really cool)!  I've admired Dinosaur Designs from afar for going on 20 years.  My sisters (who I admire) have always loved, and worn, their jewellery and bought their homewares.  I have always loved their designs and that they were Australian made.  And with 28 years under their belt hand making their wares in Australia, I admire their longevity, their ability to keep being creative and for their rolodex of friends.  Friends say a lot about a person and they seem to be surrounded by similarly passionate, intelligent, successful, beautiful (on the inside) people.

    This is one of those 'woo, woo' stories!  Over Christmas when we shut for a few weeks, I always take some time to reflect on Queen B, and this past Christmas I reflected on the fact that the things that I have enjoyed most in the past decade have been our collaborations - Joost, Vue de Monde, Grandiflora, Bollinger, Swarovski, Dior, Penfolds, Cartier, World Wildlife Fund (Earth Hour)... there have been many, and they are the ultimate 1 + 1 = 3 testament.  I put 2 names on my list of people that I wanted to collaborate with:  Dinosaur Designs and Signature Prints (who make all the Florence Broadhurst fabrics and wallpapers... again, right here in Australia... and again, recognised globally).  And here's the 'woo, woo' bit... not 48 hours back in the country I received an email from Dinosaur Designs wanting to meet.  Woo, woo - yay and woo, woo - thank you universe.

    So, I'm not playing it cool, I'm stoked!  I'm excited that some of the greatest design talent in Australia has chosen to work with the best that nature has to offer (beeswax) and with this humble little business that we know as Queen B and together we've created something extra-ordinary.  We're not necessarily an easy business to work with!  I won't add colour to the beeswax (because then you're combusting a dye... which creates emissions).  I won't add fragrance to the beeswax (and we lose a lot of jobs because of this) because then you're combusting an oil... which creates emissions.  I won't use toxic inks (which means we can't match PMS colours)!  There's a list of things and many companies have walked away because they want scented, coloured candles.  You know you're dealing with the company with both ethics and substance when they take that list and create something beautiful that worships nature.

    OK, so I'm not being 'cool' at all!!

    So, here they are.  They are very limited edition and you can find them at Dinosaur Designs 7 stores (including New York), at Dinosaur Designs online (where you can also pick up some of the beautiful homewares that inspired the design) or at Queen B's hive or Queen B online.

    Available in 3 different sizes and 2 different designs, with the extraordinary long burn times that you've come to know and love about Queen B's pure beeswax pillar candles.  With iconic Dinosaur Designs applied to the pure beeswax wraps, they're a beautiful and functional piece of art.:

    pure beeswax hand-rolled pillar candles by Queen B for Dinosaur Designs Queen B for Dinosaur Designs pure beeswax candle range


    Small Beeswax Pillar Candle (50 hour burn time)
    Medium Beeswax Pillar Candle  (90 hour burn time)
    Large Beeswax Pillar Candle (200 hour burn time)

    Small Beeswax Pillar Candle (50 hour burn time)
    Medium Beeswax Pillar Candle (90 hour burn time)
    Large Beeswax Pillar Candle (200 hour burn time)



    Here are a few other beautiful shots

    Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs pure beeswax candles by Queen B From Louise Olsen's Instagram feed


    Beeswax hand rolled pillar candle by Queen B for Dinosaur Designs Our pure beeswax pillar candles burn down inside their individually painted wraps

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