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  • Tom Dixon Spin Candelabra

    Several years ago one of my sister's gave me an absolutely spectacular candleholder. Bought in London and weighing in at almost 15kg's (it's solid cast iron and at the time was packaged in it's own wooden box), she'd brought it back for me as hand luggage!! [Readmore]
  • Reversible Brass Egg Candleholder

    One of the fabulous things about being an Australian manufacturer is the quality control (and for a perfectionist, that's a fabulous thing)! With all that heart and soul invested, I'm generally enamoured with everything that we brand Queen B. Occasionally, however, we have a hand in creating something that is really special. [Readmore]
  • New Taper Candleholders to hold your Beeswax Tapers (and new taper packaging)

    My go to source of light most evenings are our beeswax dinner candles and Bee Lights.  A great, economical source of light and with the flame front and centre, a great source of calmness and tranquility.  So, I'm always excited to find new, stylish candleholders for taper candles... and we've got lots of new ones to show you.


    Firstly, our "Clippy" candleholders.  A few months ago when we tidied our stationery shelves Sarah found out about my bulldog clip fetish (I think there were over 500 clips in different shapes and sizes).  Imagine my excitement then to find Clippy.  Stylish yet practical, it takes up little room on a busy dining room table.  Industrial looking, great design and designer aesthetic - all rolled into 1 smart candleholder.

    Clippy industrial metal candleholder for beeswax taper candles "Clippy" candleholder


    You can find Clippy on it's own in Candleholders on our website here ($12.50 each), or, we've put together a Clippy + Tapers pack for $34.16 which is a 10% saving.

    Clippe metal industrial candle holder for beeswax dinner tapers from Queen b Clippy + Beeswax Dinner Taper Pack (10% off)


    Flower Candleholders

    If you prefer a splash of colour, these metal, flower candleholders are just gorgeous.  We've been discussing whether they are iceberg roses, ranunculus or magnolia so we thought perhaps just "flowers" would be safer!

    Beeswax dinner candles in metal industrial flower candleholders Metal Flower Candle Holders for beeswax dinner candles

    They come in 3 heights and colours:

    - small (yellow) - 10cm tall - $13.75
    - medium (turquoise) - 15cm tall - $16.50
    - tall (red) - 24cm tall - $19.25

    Or you can get all 3 with 10% off here.

    White Ceramic Wee Willie Winky

    And just in case that wasn't enough loveliness, we also recently found a new white ceramic Wee Willie Winkie (to complement out brass and copper Wee Willie Winkies).

    White ceramic Wee Willie Winky candleholder for beeswax taper candles White ceramic Wee Willie Winkie candle holder


    New Taper Packaging and new Box of 4 x 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper candles

    If you've followed Queen B for a while, you may have noticed that we've been progressively rolling out new packaging.  I can't bear waste, so we've been updating the packaging as and when we run out of the old.  The newest packaging to be done is our Dinner Candle / Taper packaging.

    Our 20cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles now come in a box of 4 (RRP $24.95)

    box of 4 pure Australian beeswax dinner taper candles - non toxic 20cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (Box of 4)


    And we've now got a beautiful box for our 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (box of 4) (RRP $34.95)

    beeswax dinner taper candles 30cm Beeswax Dinner Taper Candles (Box of 4)


    There's lots of lovely ways to light up your life daily with beautiful, natural, bee created light... cheaper than electricity.

  • A little 'light' relief for a Monday morning

    One of the wonderful things about having a Sunday/Monday as your weekend is that you don't have to go to work on Monday's.  It's a great time to catch up on things when they're quiet.

    Today I've promised myself I'll clear my inbox, which seems to be never-ending because I keep getting distracted :-).  One lovely distraction was a beautiful photograph sent to me by stylist, Meagan O'Donoghue from The Style Palette Co.  I'm always amazed by the talents of our customers.  You're really quite an extraordinary bunch going about your lives choosing to make a difference.  It shouldn't surprise me given what we do, but it does and it is a constant delight.

    Anyway, Meagan took a gorgeous photograph of our Mini-Marilyn Bee Light holders with a couple of Bee Lights.  And the thing that struck me as I was deleting volumes of administrative emails was just how simple the candles and the holders are but how nature is so beautiful that you don't need to fussy it up.

    brass candleholder with pure beeswax taper dinner candles Mini-Marilyn brass candle holders with Bee Lights

    So in the spirit of making it a wonderful day, we're doing a Monday offer today - 20% off Brass Mini-Marilyn candleholders and 20% off the Pack of 10 Bee Lights.  It's spontaneous and open until midnight tonight only.

    I can say hand on heart that our Bee Lights will blow your socks off when they're lit.  They are the ultimate testament to the brilliance of nature (and why we are so thorough with our wick testing)!!  They burn for 3 or so hours each (that's several nights of lighting them during dinner from every candle) and they don't drip if they are out of a breeze.

    And just in case you don't think that I practice what I preach, here's a view from where I'm sitting right now!!  I did consider replacing the 2 in the background with new candles but decided that it was better just to be completely authentic.  This is how I stay calm on a Monday in the face of 553 unread emails!

    I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

    Over and out.

    Cate xx

    light a candle to keep your brain calm and relaxed on a busy day "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" Chinese Proverb
  • The journey from unhappy customer to happy customer - it's all in the detail!

    About a week ago I received an email from a customer who wasn't happy because our tapers were dripping.  [I could go into how gutted I was at this stage but as that would make me relive it, let's spare us both :-)].  Her email went like this (this is the full email and pasted in full because it's quite a lovely way to write a complaint):

    Hi Cate,

    I absolutely love your candles, thank you! I'm hoping you can help me with the dinner sticks I have a box of. They look great on my table, however I find I've stopped using them because I can't stop them from dripping onto the table.  Any tips to make them dripless? I trim the wicks regularly.  I'm hoping there's a solution so I can start using them again as they burn so beautifully.

    Thanks so much,


    What a sweetheart.  Moment to reflect on how lucky we are to have customers who are beautiful on the inside (and out).

    I responded and again I am putting in the full email because it has good tips for anyone burning taper candles:

    Hi Kay,

    Thank you so much for your email... it is only if a customer raises a concern that I get the opportunity to fix it.

    I burn the tapers myself every evening.  Have done for years.  So I know from first hand experience that they are dripless when they are burned in a draft free environment.  If they are dripping, then there must be a draft... be that from open windows, air conditioning, central heating, fans or simply a drafty house.  I would try moving one to a spot that you know is draft free and burning it there.  That won't help you with having them burning on your table, but at least it will convince you that they are genuinely drip free when burned in a draft free environment!

    In terms of then coming up with a solution for your table, well, if there is air movement in that area, then you are never going to get a taper (dinner stick) that doesn't drip.  Unfortunately because they are so narrow, there is little room to play with choosing a wick.  So, in that case, I'd suggest either trying the Bee Lights (although they tend to drip in a breeze too for exactly the same reason) OR I would try the solid pillars... which are also great bang for your buck.  The 15cm Solid Pillar and 20cm Solid Pillar are a great simple candle that you can simply sit on the table or on a ceramic holder or a tile or something else.  They are good for burning for anything over an hour at a time.  The Squat Pillar is good for burning over 2 hours at a time.

    I hope that helps.

    Please keep me posted with how you go burning the tapers in a place where there is no breeze.  In order to determine if there is a breeze, simply watch the flame... if the flame is "dancing" then there is a breeze.  If the flame is still, it will burn perfectly top to bottom without a drip.  Promise.

    Warmest everything


    And here's the cruncher, because we actually get to close the loop on this one.  'K' wrote back to me this morning with an update (which made my day because when I know that we have an unhappy customer I genuinely lose sleep over it).  Again, in full, it read:

    Hi Cate,

    You're absolutely right, thank you! I've tried burning them in a different spot and they're beautifully dripless!  It's a bit silly I didn't think of that, sorry.  I was burning them on our kitchen table, which is surrounded by windows and a door. They look amazing there, but sadly that spot doesn't work due to airflow.  I have your pillars already, which I've put there instead. 

    Thanks very much, Cate. I'll be in to purchase more soon, I'm sure!


     It seems to be a week of posting tips for beeswax candle use and better burning!  What I learned from my last post is that that's pretty useful for lots of people.  I also thought it might be interesting to share just a small selection of the photographs from when I did the wick testing for our tapers... and wow, the memories it brought back.  There are no duplicates in this image (created with the help of iPhoto and my very limited photoshop skills!).

    beeswax dinner taper candle cotton wick test Wick testing images for beeswax dinner taper candles

    Sometimes my mind makes me giggle... as I was creating the image above, I had the following playing in my mind... you can tell a lot about a (wo)man by his hands too!:

    and the classic


    and this from a woman who doesn't really drink beer!

    Cate xx

    PS While we're at it, if you have any issues with burning your Queen B candles or tips, please let me know by commenting below, commenting on facebook or emailing me.

  • 8cm solid pillars - perfect for shorter hurricanes, large oil burners (or 20 hour dinner parties)

    These 8cm solid pillars have literally been on my list of things to do for almost a year.  All it took in the end was an order for 200 of them!  We had moulds done, wicks sorted, embossing tool made and packaging solved in a matter of weeks.

    So, for those of you who thought our existing range of solid beeswax pillars were too tall...

    our pure beeswax tealights too small...

    our beeswax dinner candles too narrow...

    our beeswax votives in glass too glassy...

    and you just wanted a shorter, wider, un-glassier candle, we've finally done it.

    These bee-uties are 8cm tall.  Approx 4.5cm wide and burn for around 20 hours each.

    They are perfect for the Page Thirty Three Essential Oil Burner.

    To celebrate their launch we've got them at 20% off for 48 hours - until 17th November 2012.

    You can get them in a pack of 2

    8cm solid beeswax pillars - pack of 2


    or a pack of 6

    8cm solid beeswax pillar - pack of 6


    and because it is actually all about the flame, here's what they look like when they're lit (sorry about dodgy photograph)

    8cm solid beeswax pillar candle lit


    and here's the Page 33 Essential Oil Burner that became the trigger that got this project off the ground.

    Page Thirty Three Essential Oil Burner



    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holderspersonalised candlesvotive candlestealight candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

  • On the 12th week of Christmas my true love sent to me

    a love letter asking for a discount off Queen B...

    And who are we to argue?  If a discount means more people buying Queen B candles well that's a great thing for our beekeepers and the regional communities they live in, not to mention creating more of a buzz at our hive.  Worker Bees - both the insect and human varieties - love to be kept busy.  So here's what we're going to do:

    Each week in the lead up to Christmas we'll put one of our best sellers at 20% off for 72 hours only.  The line up is as follows:

    05/10 - 07/10     20% off the entire Marrakech range of rolled pillars - yes, that's this week's special and because I'm a day late in doing this post, it runs for 2 days from today, all other weeks the special will be from Thursday - Saturday

    11/10 - 13/10      20% off Queen B's iconic Eco Bulb

    25/10 - 27/10     20% off our Angels

    01/11 - 03/11     20% off Queen B Bee Lights & Bee Light holders

    08/11 - 10/11     20% off Fat Santa

    15/11 - 17/11      20% off Nutcrackers

    22/11 - 24/11     20% off Large Christmas Trees

    29/11 - 01/12     20% off Small Christmas Trees

    06/12 - 08/12    20% off Mary Joseph & Baby Jesus

    13/12 - 15/12     20% off the entire Casablanca range of rolled pillars

    20/12 - 22/12    20% off Burning Love (we'll send them Express Post)

    If you're worried you'll forget, Like us on Facebook because we'll post a reminder there of what's on sale each week.

    Hip, hip horray

    A honey aroma-ed, golden candle-lit Christmas AND a partridge in a pear tree.  Amazing.

    Dinner candle, rolled beeswax pillar candle Marrakech range of rolled Queen B pillar dinner candles



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