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  • Sources of inspiration - Local is Lovely

    I absolutely love reading and I love learning.  Occasionally I come across something that makes me stop mid stride.  It could be something really mind bending or poignant.  Or writings so raw you sometimes feel like you're reading their diary.  I subscribe to my fair share of food blogs (try the Life Changing Bread... you won't look back!) and often I'm reading about people who are creating their dream life (her backstory, which seems to have been removed from the blog, is fabulous), following their dreams or writers who tell a great yarn.

    This morning I was reading a blog I love.  Sophie from Local is Lovely interviewed Hannah from The Perthville Pantry.  Reading her 5 lessons/insights for people thinking about starting a branded meat or small agribusiness  how they want to live each day summed up EXACTLY what I would tell people (although I have struggled in the past to put it so succinctly).  Read and ponder.  It's worth the few moments of your life.  It is also a manifesto for the Queen B story.

    What are five lessons/resources/insights you'd share with young farmers like yourself, who are thinking about starting a branded meat or small agribusiness themselves?

    1. Determine your passion and build an enterprise around that.  It’s a joy to work if you love what you do.
    2. Think big and question mainstream wisdom.  Do your own research.
    3. Back yourself.  Forget about what you think others think of you.  You can stand tall if you stay true to your own values.
    4. Write down your dreams and aspirations.  You’ll be amazed at what comes to fruition.
    5. Continue to learn. Read, attend courses and network.
    Perthville Pantry post from Local is Lovely blog Hannah from Perthville Pantry

    I emailed Sophie this morning to see if she would mind me sharing and, being the sweet soul she is she said go right ahead.  She also gave me permission to share the Gummy Pigs recipe (with raw honey)!

    Gummy Pigs

    3 tablespoons grassfed gelatine
    1/3 cup lemon and lime juice
    2 to 3 tablespoons raw honey
    1 to 2 slices of fresh beetroot for the pink piggy colour

    Whisk lemon and lime juice, honey and gelatine in a sauce pan until there are no lumps.  Heat over low heat until melted.  Add the fresh beetroot and remove once the desired colour is obtained.  Pour mixture into silicone piggy moulds and pop in the freezer for 10 minutes.  Remove from the moulds and enjoy.

    Here are the gummy pigs

    Gummy pig recipe from Perthville Pantry on Local is Lovely blog Gummy Pigs - Perthville Pantry

    I'm going to see if I can find me bee moulds and perhaps try pineapple? or turmeric!!

    Happy reading (and cooking if you're so inclined)!

    Cate xx

  • Letter of the week

    I chose this week's love letter for two reasons.  Firstly because I love someone who goes and does their own research and then forms their own opinion and secondly because I happened to have another call from a concerned customer this week about this very issue and so the email was timely.

    As I said in return, "I get so torn between "rising above it" (which a lot of people espouse and which makes a lot of sense to me) and then being so angry and incensed that people are being completely misled and the injustice of it all (to our business, our staff and our customers).  Whilst you seem to have read through it, I hear about and meet people regularly who are reading it on a superficial level (because they're busy) and they're buying it."

    "Hi Cate,

    I just read your post on chlorine and then located and checked out the offending website to sate my curiosity.  What an "ode to an ego" it seemed, all the way through.  The person in question is quite good at sounding as though he knows what he is talking about, at a superficial level - by subtly misdirecting the reader.  Very calculated.  It seems disturbingly personal - and directed at you.
    I also felt the fuss about candle painting was sour grapes -  he offers nothing as sophisticated as your decorative pillars.  It is far easier to put someone else down than come up to the mark.
    Anyhow, bravo to you for standing your ground, whilst retaining your dignity and grace.  Mr obfuscation is showing poor form and I wouldn't buy his candles on principle (as well as the fact that I love yours so why would i change). Anyway, as I said, he offers far less in every way.
    Keep doing what you do so well,
    Having worked every day of the long weekend, I can assure you that I'm not doing Queen B because it gives me work/life balance.  Having not put prices up in 8 years, I can assure you that I'm not doing Queen B for money.  So why do it then?  Because I'm completely obsessed with bees.  I'm passionate about minimising chemicals in our homes.  I'm passionate about the environment.  I get to meet extraordinary people.  Because if I'm going to do something a gazillion hours a week then I want to do something where I feel as if I'm making a difference.  And most of all because I love making and sending out light.  If you think about for just a second, that really is an amazing thing to be able to do with your life.
    Feeling blessed,
    Cate xx

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