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  • And you call that a job?!

    Is it called a "job" when you do something that you absolutely, passionately, heart and soul LOVE every day?

    Do you call it a job when you work with people you genuinely like and other people that you genuinely like call you up, pop in or send you emails wanting some of what you've created with your bare hands?

    Surely there isn't a job in the world where you get emails like this...

    "Thank you for the fastest delivery I ever experienced.

    When I opened the boxes I felt as if I was opening up a box of the most delicious fine chocolates without the calories, just the pure delight of the fragrant beeswax, and as for the furniture polish, well my first thought  was that the furniture was going to receive a treatment I wish my own chemical sensitive skin was in desperate need of (especially in winter). 

    Bit quirky, maybe, but there you go.  I thought you might be interested in my experience. Any chance of a good chemical free effective skin moisturiser in the future?

    Oh and the Bee Lights gift are just awesome. Thank you so much.

    A happy (if somewhat dry) customer. :)


    Or how about this one from one of another beautiful soul using our bee created light to send light where it is needed most

    "Thank you, lovely Bees, for my amazing tea lights and Bee Lights. They make winter so pleasant.
    I use your lovely gift, the jam jars -how adorable small are they, thank you! - to think of the ones - children, women and other victims - being killed in wars. Sending some light to war zones is the least I can do.
    We hope you are well, Cate and team! 
    Kindest regards, Y"
    Sometimes we have to pull out all stops when light is needed fast, but we are rewarded tenfold with emails like this one last week

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting the candles to me so quickly.  They are absolutely beautiful and the personalised candle is already much loved.

    When I opened the front door this morning it was there waiting for me. I was not expecting it to arrive until later today. Consequently my mum and I were able to take it this morning to the place where my Nan was being cremated at 8am and we lit it for her there. 
    Nan's candle and the tapers will then be taken to the wake tomorrow where I will light it again. All the guests will then be lighting their tapers off Nan's candle. 

    Again, thank you so much for the effort you put in to make sure I had the candles I wanted in time for the remembrance.

    With much appreciation, 

    And then there are the customers that are wonderful storytellers in their emails and we're transported to their side like this one a couple of days ago
    "Hi Queen B,
    Many thanks for my recent order of beautiful bee glassware and tea lights, what a beautiful gift to myself!!!   It is burning loveliness beside me as I make myself comfortable in my special chair and relax at the end of the day.
    Just love your beeswax candles and all that Queen B and the little workers stand for, just pure goodness and great quality products.
    Best wishes,
    It's pretty hard not to be passionate about what you do when you get to play a role in supporting bees and beekeepers and sending out light every day AND you get emails like these in return.  When I saw it advertised in heaven I applied for the job immediately.  And people wonder why I love working so much?!
    Thanks for allowing us all to do what we love.
    Cate xx
  • Letter of the week

    I chose this week's love letter for two reasons.  Firstly because I love someone who goes and does their own research and then forms their own opinion and secondly because I happened to have another call from a concerned customer this week about this very issue and so the email was timely.

    As I said in return, "I get so torn between "rising above it" (which a lot of people espouse and which makes a lot of sense to me) and then being so angry and incensed that people are being completely misled and the injustice of it all (to our business, our staff and our customers).  Whilst you seem to have read through it, I hear about and meet people regularly who are reading it on a superficial level (because they're busy) and they're buying it."

    "Hi Cate,

    I just read your post on chlorine and then located and checked out the offending website to sate my curiosity.  What an "ode to an ego" it seemed, all the way through.  The person in question is quite good at sounding as though he knows what he is talking about, at a superficial level - by subtly misdirecting the reader.  Very calculated.  It seems disturbingly personal - and directed at you.
    I also felt the fuss about candle painting was sour grapes -  he offers nothing as sophisticated as your decorative pillars.  It is far easier to put someone else down than come up to the mark.
    Anyhow, bravo to you for standing your ground, whilst retaining your dignity and grace.  Mr obfuscation is showing poor form and I wouldn't buy his candles on principle (as well as the fact that I love yours so why would i change). Anyway, as I said, he offers far less in every way.
    Keep doing what you do so well,
    Having worked every day of the long weekend, I can assure you that I'm not doing Queen B because it gives me work/life balance.  Having not put prices up in 8 years, I can assure you that I'm not doing Queen B for money.  So why do it then?  Because I'm completely obsessed with bees.  I'm passionate about minimising chemicals in our homes.  I'm passionate about the environment.  I get to meet extraordinary people.  Because if I'm going to do something a gazillion hours a week then I want to do something where I feel as if I'm making a difference.  And most of all because I love making and sending out light.  If you think about for just a second, that really is an amazing thing to be able to do with your life.
    Feeling blessed,
    Cate xx
  • How to celebrate the Queen's birthday?… with a tea(light candles) sale

    Winter finally seems to have finally got her claws into Sydney, the cold and grey days brightened by the number of candles lit at the hive.  It's a lucky fortune, I realise, that we get to light such magnificence daily and it's a lucky fortune that I love to share.  As you may have noticed, I've also been pondering gratitude, generosity, gift giving, card writing and all those wonderful things recently because I have a lot of it in my life.

    Putting all of it together, I decided that one of the keys to spreading the light, brightening up the short winter days was to do an uber special, Queen B's Long Weekend Sale.  All offers are open until midnight on 10th June 2014.  And I've also been giving some thought as to how you can share the light without breaking the bank and came up with a few ideas on that front too.  So, here we go.

    Firstly, the most popular candles in our range - our pure beeswax tealight candles.  We've got the following special offers:

    Queen B beeswax candles don't bumble beeswax

    Secondly, my favourite candles in our range - our Bee Light candles.  I often send these out as a random gifts of light packaged in a brown envelope (as you see below)… I've loaded them up with an option INCLUDING SHIPPING for an additional $3  (i.e. our usual $11 flat rate shipping for orders <$100, free for orders over $100 doesn't apply).  So you can order away to your hearts content and we can ship directly to the lucky recipient.  Tick "this is a gift" when you're checking out and tell us what to write on the card and we'll do everything.  For the next 3 days we're doing these at 10% off so we'll pay the shipping cost for you.

    Ensure a happy flame with your beeswax candles with these bee lights

    And as a final addition to the plethora of queenie b's day long weekend specials, I came up with a way of sharing pure beeswax tealight love at a lower cost.  Why not buy a bulk carton of tealight candles and put together your own smaller packs.  I've loaded up an option to purchase the sinamay bags we use with a swing tag for $2.00 each. Buy a bulk carton of tealights.  Grab a few bags.  Use some of the tealights for yourself and give some as gifts.

    sustainable packaging with queen b beeswax candles for a happy flame


    That's all for now folks :-)

    I hope you're having a gorgeous long weekend and hope that we'll be lighting up the long nights for you through winter.

    Cate xx

  • How to make someone's day... or week... or month

    I consider myself pretty bloody lucky to do what I love every day [sorry for swearing mum... and yes, it did add value to what I am trying to say].  But even so, it's really lovely to be told you're doing a good job or making a difference.  And it makes the job a thousand-fold more rewarding to know a little about the customers you serve or what occasions you're lighting.

    Of course, I get to know our customers at The Hive quite well, but with a thriving online business and retailers dotted across Australia, there are many thousands more whose lives we light, but know little about.  And, as anyone in business will tell you, the thrill is not so much in selling whatever it is that you make, the thrill is knowing that it serves a purpose and makes a difference.

    For many years now we've been getting orders from a guy in Perth and we ship the candles for him to outback NSW.  I've often wondered what the story was... or wondered who the lucky person was getting showered with hundreds of dollars of candles every couple of months.  This week I found out.  I received an absolutely beautiful card (with photographs, glitter and other sparkly things and a long letter) from our customer.  I've read it about 20 times (18 of which were sharing it with our packaging angels and other friends) and thought it so lovely that it was worth sharing further afield (with her permission).

    Hopefully it will inspire you to write a thank you note to someone... even if it is someone you've never met.  Rest assured it will most likely make their day... or week.

    thank you note, gratitude

    "Dear Bee-utiful ones,

    This comes to you as a long overdue gesture of appreciation from a grateful regular recipient of your creations.  What does she do with all those candles?!  Serial dinner parties?  Well no, not nearly enough visitors for even one dinner party; and, anyway, as a Buddhist nun, refraining from food after midday is part of the training in renunciation.  But a lot of meditation explains the tealight consumption.  Your light-giving, though, spreads far beyond the illumination of a shrine table.

    Environmental sensitivity - multiple chemical and electromagnetic - and resultant illness requires that I live in isolation, without electricity, phone, radio and all things most people accept as normal and necessary.  I cannot leave this property, and live alone far from family and friends who are all on the other side of Australia or overseas... I see loved one rarely and briefly.  Communication is via snail mail once a week.

    I relate this not as a "poor me" exercise; self-pity is necessarily absent for survival in extreme situations, and mine are far from the worst.  I tell you so you might more fully appreciate just how much your work benefits others, far beyond what you might have imagined, and so that you may more fully know - feel - your own goodness.

    You bring light to my life in so many ways:
    with tealights, to my meditation space;
    dinner sticks, to my living space;
    bee-utiful notes of well-wishing and gifts, to my heart.

    These are not small things.  Rejoice in your goodness!  I do :-)

    With gratitude and loving kindness


    and enclosed, two absolutely gorgeous photographs of  bees keeping her company.  The photographs are below (including the captions written on the back of the photo):

    bees on shrine At Deva Vihara (Abode of Angels) the Protector of Bees is always on duty :-)


    bees in birdbath Thirsty work! In Summer, birdbath becomes beebar...


    I find it is interesting all the little ways I've changed since I started running my own business.  One of those changes is that I am now often take the time to say 'thank you' when someone does something fabulous.  I know that the feedback we receive carries me through the challenging times and assume it works that way for everyone.

    for the goodness you bring to the world

    And the best bit of all is that it is a win-win.  I know I feel great when I say thanks.  The same rosy glow reflects back knowing that the person on the receiving end of the card or email is going to get a little kick out of it.  Why not give someone a rosy glow this week by dropping them a note, or a card, or an email, or a call telling them how they, what they did, what they make, how they served you, how they treated you made your day.  Or feel free to give someone worthy a shout out by commenting below.

    Sweetness & light and all things bright,

    Cate xx


  • Now THAT'S a thank you note...

    One of my favourite Queen B clients is Money Warehouse.  Andrew (who owns Money Warehouse) is a VERY straight talking guy... he makes me look moderate.

    Anyway, getting to the point... Money Warehouse are a mortgage broking company.  Dime a dozen, right?  Not really with Andrew.  I can honestly say with hand on heart that Andrew is completely unique in the passion with which he looks after this clients.  Not only does he fight to make the whole process seamless and easy for his clients, but each time Andrew settles a loan for a new client, he sends them a Queen B hamper chock full of beeswax candles, honey and chocolate honeycomb as a thank you.  His clients typically send him a thank you note which he then shares with us so that we can experience the warm glow too!

    Last night, Andrew forwarded me this thank you note from the most recent hamper we sent (on Tuesday):

    "Hello Andrew, Maria and Shane

    We’re at a bit of a loss for words (not a state you’ll find me in often).

    Yesterday evening, when we arrived home, there was a package sitting outside our door. After the bomb squad had left, we were amazed to discovered it was a parcel from you guys wishing us ‘sweetness and light’ in our new home. And, full of great stuff to ensure we had both.

    That was completely lovely of you. Thank you so much - particularly as we rather felt we should be sending you the gifts to say how incredibly grateful we are for all the help and support you’ve given us over the course of buying into the old folks home in Westin Street.

    You have consistently excelled.

    You gave us great advice. And, even when we didn’t take it and realised later how valuable it was, you never said ‘told you’ (I would have) but just let it go with a comment that we should do whatever made us comfortable.

    You  were incredibly well organised and informed.  You went out of your way to explain relevant facts, you steered us through procedures, documentation and decisions, you (gently) checked that we understood what was happening and why, you anticipated and fixed problems before they happened, you caught every mistake that the lawyers and the bank and everyone else made and rectified those too.

    Both Josie and I have had quite a lot of experience with brokers over the years. We have never met any that came within a mile (1.60934 km) of Money Warehouse.  Anyone who asks (and most of those who don’t) are getting our opinion that if they go anywhere else for finance, they’re crazy.

    So, thank you for the lovely gifts and, even more so, for the care, concern, expertise and the sheer weight of effort that you’ve given us.

    Very best regards..."

    How beautiful is that?  The note was so lovely that I thought I'd do a shout out for Andrew and the team at Money Warehouse, and a shout out to all those people who send beautiful notes and heartfelt messages, you really could have no idea how much it means to us in small business land.  Having being in small business for 5 years, I go out of my way to recognise good service far more than I ever used to.  Doing what we do, we are also the extremely grateful recipients of a lot of it too!  To get your day of to a lovely start, you can read some of it here.

    If you do contact Andrew, feel free to tell him you're a friend of mine.

    Have a beautiful day.


    Queen B Hamper





    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.


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