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  • Longer burning Jam Jar Tealights

    The Short Story

    Guy obsessed with jam jars zero waste, off the grid restaurant + girl obsessed with beeswax (that's me!) =  Jam Jar Tealights (5+ hr burn time)

    Guy obsessed with quality + high end French restaurant + (slightly older) girl obsessed with beeswax = Longer burning Jam Jar Tealights (6+hrs)

    Happily it seems that there are other guys and girls that were also wanting refillable tealights in jam jars as they're one of our most popular products.  And now, for all of you with longer staying power we've got pure beeswax Jam Jar Tealight candles that will go the full distance in a Party Pack of 60 candles.

    The End

    Guillaume use pure beeswax jam jar tealights from Queen B for the best burning beeswax candles on the market Image thanks to Julie Gibbs (Lantern - Penguin Books)


    The Longer Story

    If I went through our product list at Queen B many of the products have been developed as a solution for a client and then become an integral part of our range.  Our pure beeswax tealight candles were originally developed for Macro Wholefoods because the only other manufacturer of "beeswax" tealights used macadamia nut oil in all his candles.  The Eco Bulb was done in collaboration with Joost and later used by the World Wildlife Fund for their Earth Hour campaign.   Our Hurricane candles were designed for the inaugural official Earth Hour launch event held on windy shores at Lady Macquarie's Chair.  Our Bee Lights were developed for a Greek Orthodox Church customer.  The Jam Jar Tealights were made to solve the lighting at the Greenhouse sustainable restaurant as they had no artificial lighting.  And the list goes on.

    And so it was that a few months ago we were approached by Guillaume Brahimi who was getting ready to open Guillaume in Paddington.  They wanted to use our Jam Jar Tealights and liked the size of the jar but needed them to burn for an hour longer.  A couple of frustrating, production issues months later and they're in use, thoroughly tested ready to light up all of those summer weddings, events and parties that need candlelight that will go the extra distance - from before the first guests arrive until after Cinderella leaves the ball.

    See, wasn't that long after all!

    If you've used our jam jar tealights, tell us what you love about them most in the comments section below and we'll send a free Jam Jar Tealight Pack (2 jars + 8 candles) to the winning comment.  Winner drawn at 5pm tomorrow - Tuesday, 28th October 2014.

    Queen B taper candles and jam jar beeswax tealight candles Photograph courtesy of a customer

    Looking forward to lighting up your summer (and your autumn and winter and spring),

    Cate xx

  • An antidote to stress

    an·ti·dote  (nt-dtn. A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.

    Trying to effect change is stressful.  Stress is poison.  I was aware of this when I was completely stressed about the Australia Post 'thing', but with change not happening, I just couldn't seem to snap out of it.

    Sometimes, without my even controlling it (!!), life just happens perfectly.

    Enter stage right: Joost, plant wall, soil, a climbing frame and things to grow.
    Exit stage left: stress

    Perfect.  Here are a few photographs of Joost's plant wall at Miele HQ in Frenchs Forest.  I played Best Gardener in a Supporting Role.  Drill Grip.  Gaffer (tape holder).  And headed up Catering.

    Joost plant wall herb garden urban veggie growing



    Joost Plant Wall for Miele


    And then we (OK, he) tarted up my balcony with the left over plants... adding to the eggplants, tumeric, kale and lettuce already growing!

    Tarting up my balcony

    The girls are delirious.

    urban beehive bees in the city

  • That's enough about me... what do you think of me?

    OK, so this post borders on narcissism, BUT anyone who makes a product will tell you that there is nothing like the thrill you get when you see it loved in someone's home.  And so, a few photographs that I snapped when I was staying with Joost & Jen (+ girls, dog, chooks & bees)...

    Bee Bottles, Vases & Jars
    Bee Bust & other assorted Queen B goodies
    Broken bottles from Dom installation & Queen B reversible candleholders
    Joost's beehives... pollinating his 9 acres of flowers & veggie patch
  • Another stunning stand by Joost

    In early August I did my annual pilgrimage to Melbourne to showcase Queen B candles.  It's fun to catch up with existing retailers and good to introduce new retailers to Queen B, but undoubtedly the highlight for me each year is seeing my Melbourne posse of friends and seeing what Joost has come up with for our stand.  As you probably know, I'm a bit of a control freak.  Joost is the opposite.  I have everything packed and shipped to Melbourne a couple of weeks in advance.  Joost decides on what he's doing for the stand the night before we set up!  He likes to use it as a form of torture.  I like to think of it as creative dissonance!!

    Once again, his stand was spectacular.  I always love the juxtaposition of our rusting & rustic, grounded, modern, angular, bold, almost masculine stand in a space the size of 6 football fields full of stands with white and chrome displays.  It is always telling that I get just as many enquiries from people wanting to buy elements of the stand (including the plants which most people think are fake until I point out the spiders webs that the spiders are creating around the candles)!

    With no further ado, following are some images of our stand.  You can buy the individual towers from ByJoost.

    Calm before the storm


    Set up whirlwind!

    Joost on his direct line to the universal force


    The total package
    Getting the feel





    A bevy to celebrate (local gin, home made lemonade & local mineral water, of course)!


  • Latest Joost trade show stand for Queen B

    A few weeks ago I was in Melbourne showing our Queen B candles to potential retailers.  These trade shows are typically quite generic and soulless... lots of white or glass shelving, tables and plinths showcasing tens of thousands of products, the vast majority of which were made offshore.

    Enter Joost!

    Unfortunately this year my laptop camera chose that exact moment to not work, so this year we have a series of photographs of the stand set to beautiful music and employing all the clever little tricks that iMovie allows you to use.

    The build team who set up these trade shows are always excited to see what Joost has in stall as we typically arrive in his big, yellow van with all manner of rusting, rustic frame work on the roof and foliage busting out of the all the doors.  It is amazing to see this cacophony of chaos morph (with a little help from Joost and his team) into a beautiful stand in which to show Queen B candles.  This year was no exception to the norm with more people wanting to buy Joost's succulents borrowed from the plant wall on the side of his house than wanting to buy Queen B candles!  But you get that.  After 6 years my skin's a little thicker and now I love doing it for both of us.

    It is funny how many people stopped to touch the succulent on the corner and to question whether it was 'real' - the assumption being it was fake because it looked so perfect.  Great intro to say that everything on the Queen B stand was alive and natural... including the Queen B candles.

    Thanks Joost.  Love your work. xx

    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

  • Sydney gets a slice of Joost

    Melbourne wunderkind Joost has been sharing the love... with The Rocks in Sydney the first stop on the world tour of The Greenhouse by Joost.

    The Greenhouse uses light gauge steel, roll formed on site, to create a building shell that is very strong, naturally termite resistant and 100% recyclable.




    The building is insulated with locally sourced straw (from wheat, barley, rice etc) wedged into the frame - the framework being designed specifically to the length & width of strawbales.  Interestingly, Joost was telling me the other day that in Germany, a timber framed house is fire rated to burn completely within 45 minutes, where a straw bale house is rated to burn in a day and a half.  Amazing.  New fact for that day.




    The light fittings are made from old fencing wire (and will be filled with a bespoke designed Queen B candle that we're working on at the moment).  Even the flooring which was being (painstakingly) laid when I visited the other day is recycled... made from old conveyor belts!




    [Can I just say for the record that I realise that this photograph is probably not the best photograph of the flooring but I was doing more of a "scenic" shot and when I came this arvo to find a photo of the flooring to illustrate how beautiful it was, I realised that this one showing the backside of Evo was the only one I had!  Blush!  Sooooooo not on purpose people!  Evo's face is even more beautiful.]

    Anyway, moving on...

    So the other great thing about having the Greenhouse in Sydney is that we get to have Matt Stone in Sydney.  Matt is the head chef at The Greenhouse restaurant in Perth and was most recently crowned Best New Talent in the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards and Young Chef Of The Year at the inaugural West Australian Good Food Guide awards.  I was lucky enough to have dinner with Joost and his team the other night (cooked by Matt) and the food was divine.  I must say though that I felt incredibly old was I just wanted to tell him that he need to pull his pants up (literally, not metaphorically!) and that he'd look so much nicer if he just got rid of that ring through his lip!!  Oh dear, I am becoming my mother...

    As if all those reasons weren't enough reasons to love having The Greenhouse in Sydney, I also love it because Sydney now has (temporarily) its very own 3-shipping-container-large David Bromley.




    It was really heartening to chat to Matt (Stone) today and I asked him how he was going in meeting the people he needed to meet and finding the suppliers he wanted... he said that it was under control thanks to Neil Perry who had taken him under his wing, introduced Matt to all of his own suppliers and made sure he had everything he needed.  I knew that Neil was a fan & friend of Joost, but from Matt said this was serious going above and beyond kind of help.

    I'll sign off with an image of Joost himself sitting atop The Greenhouse (he had just bounded up the frame of the staircase in about 20 seconds, only to have to come back down again to find me gingerly trying to make my way up without falling through)!



    Whilst all of this may seem very "big business" (what an extraordinary building site), actually the Greenhouse is one big risky dream being undertaken by Joost and his wife Jennie.  Yes, they have supporters - we need to thank Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority for making this one happen - but, actually they have a lot of their own capital at risk with this project.  Like most small businesses, they rely on fans to spread the word and support the cause.  You can support Joost and the Greenhouse on Facebook and Twitter.


    Better still, if you're in Sydney, why not pop by for a look, a drink and a meal (check the opening hours on their website).

    The Greenhouse has its official opening this Wednesday (9th Feb) and will be open to the public from Saturday (12th Feb)... hopefully I'll see you there. xx


    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.

  • What happened to January?

    I think I am going to pretend that 2011 is an 11 month year... I seemed to miss January completely in terms of doing anything meaningful or useful.  [Having said that I was on morphine immediately post the shoulder surgery, so I did have some fantastic(al) dreams for what we'd do at Queen B in 2011!]


    So, with no further ado...

    Happy new year!  I hope it is healthy and happy and full of sweetness and the magical light of pure beeswax candles.

    Or, come to think of it, I could just say that we are working on the Chinese calendar now at Queen B (ironic really given how passionately we manufacture here in Australia).  Gung hei faat coi.

    One of my epiphanies whilst I've been laid up was that I would like Queen B to have a more 'playful' energy.  We've spent the past 8 years in survival mode.  Trying to educate people as to why a pure Australian beeswax candle handmade in Australia would cost more.  With so much blood (literally), sweat (yes, that's literal too) and tears (ah huh... lots!) invested in Queen B, I've developed a bad habit of taking it all too personally.  Anyway, so, we're moving on from that energy.  This year I'm channeling playfulness and abundance!

    Just as an aside, having made that (seemingly) monumental decision a couple of weeks ago, the universe decided to have a little fun with me last week.  I would estimate that over 50% of the people who came into the hive looked at the candles (and even watched our talented worker bees pouring the candles individually from their enamel teapot), and then remarked on how expensive they were and walked out!  [Just before you worry, no the prices haven't gone up... in years actually.]  I reiterate.... channeling abundance... channeling abundance...!!

    Just for the record, whilst it would appear based on visitors to Queen B last week that my channeling skills require work, I am happy to report that I did have a nurse called Angel(a) looking after me post surgery, and friend Joost has been doing a little channeling of his own and is building (as we speak) a Greenhouse right opposite the Opera House.  Which is fantastic for him and exciting for us because it will be lit by candles from Queen B.

    Oh there's a lot to do this year.

    Queen B beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax a pure cotton wick and copious amounts of hand made love. We stock beautiful and stylish candle holders, personalised candles, votive candles and pillar candles that nourish the human spirit and our environment.


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