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  • An eco wedding lit by honeycomb pillars

    When one of the original team behind Earth Hour organised her wedding, the eco credentials of all the partners that went into making her day magic were critical.  Being a bit of a style maven the look was just as important.   She came to us wanting the candles to be the centrepiece of every table.  Rather than volumes of flowers thrown away at the end of the night, the bride opted to keep the table decorations very simple with one of our large honeycomb pillar candles in the centre of every table and a smaller beeswax pillar candle at each place serving triple duty - bomboniere/wedding favour gift, place holder and ambience creator.  Using candles as the table centrepiece is an idea that is a fraction of the cost of what many brides spend on flowers alone and then had an abundance of candles left over on the night to light up their honeymoon (and probably about the first 5 years of married life given how long our beeswax pillars burn for)!

    wedding decorations, wedding table centrepiece idea, eco wedding, wedding candles Keeping the wedding table decorations simple, a Queen B pure honeycomb pillar candle formed the centrepiece of every tableOur bride had the venue turn the lights to their lowest setting to allow the ambience to be 


    Our bride had the venue turn the lights to their lowest setting to allow the candles to create a magical and romantic ambience on the evening.  Look at the incredible warm glow created with all those golden, bee created flames. 

    candle bomboniere, bonbonniere gift, eco wedding Eco wedding ambience courtesy of pure beeswax honeycomb pillars


    Each hand-rolled, pure honeycomb, beeswax pillar candle was wrapped with twine and a place card for each guest... a bomboniere gift for them to take with them at the end of the evening.  As a bride said to me once, every time one of our friends lights their wedding favour candle they'll be thinking lovely things about us and you can't buy that sort of karma!

    wedding favour, bomboniere idea, wedding centrepiece, eco wedding Queen B pure beeswax pillar candles doubled as wedding favours and eco table decoration


    bomboniere idea, bomboniere gift, wedding favour, wedding centrepiece, wedding table decoration Bomboniere gift idea, wedding table decoration and eco wedding ambience all rolled into one


    If we’ve lit your wedding or event (no matter how big or how small) and you have beautiful, professional quality photographs showing the candlelight on the occasion that you’d be happy for us to share, please email them to me and we’ll give you a $25.00 credit on your next order.  We’re also happy to provide credit to the photographer.

    Sweetness & light and all things bright,

    Cate xx

  • Luxury wedding at Catalina lit with bee created light

    Another day, another amazing event lit with bee created light from Queen B!  Our brief for this occasion was to light a luxury, eco wedding at Catalina, Rose Bay.  Flowers by Grandiflora.

    The ambience for this occasion was created with two types of candles:

    1. Firstly, we created bespoke candles for the bride and groom featuring the design on their wedding invitation.  We made 4 candles in total which were placed with a large floral feature as guests walked into the venue.
      wedding candle table centrepiece, eco wedding, sustainable wedding, luxury wedding, Wedding table centrepiece - personalised unity candle for luxury eco weddings
      unity candle, wedding candle ceremony, unity candle ceremony, beeswax pillar candle, beeswax candle Luxury wedding unity candle centrepiece decorations
      unity candle, wedding candle, wedding centrepiece decorations Bespoke design wedding unity candles as wedding centrepiece decorations - pure beeswax and hand-painted
    2. Secondly, our 8-9hr tealights were placed in small fishbowls at each guest place setting... best actress in a supporting role to the incredible wedding centrepiece flowers done by Grandiflora
      wedding centrepiece, wedding candle, wedding table decoration, Wedding table centrepiece flowers + ring of beeswax tealight candles in mini fishbowls. More wedding ideas.
      wedding ideas, table centrepieces, eco wedding, luxury wedding, designer wedding Wedding table centrepiece ideas - for your eco friendly luxury wedding. Eco wedding supplies and gifts.
      table centrepieces, eco friendly wedding table decorations, wedding ideas Table centrepiece flowers with beeswax tealight wedding ideas for eco friendly wedding supplies and gifts
      wedding table centrepiece, wedding idea, unique table decorations, eco wedding, sustainable event The simplicity of nature - bee created light courtesy of pure beeswax candles from Queen B and gorgeous flowers (pollinated by bees)!
      wedding ideas, table centrepieces, eco wedding, luxury wedding, designer wedding Table centrepieces - combine beautiful flowers with pure beeswax tealight candles for gorgeous ambience and luxury style


    Funnily, my last boss (the lovely one who thought I was mad for giving up my well paying job to do Queen B) was at this wedding and seated next to a guest who upon seeing the candles burning recognised them immediately as being pure beeswax and started raving on about these 'Queen B' pure beeswax candles that she buys online etc etc.  He was proud as punch!  That was only two degrees of separation to a customer I had never met before but who had bought online for years.  It's lovely how things come full circle.

    If you're organising an eco wedding or sustainable event and you're looking for ambience that packs a punch and unique ideas, give us a buzz.  As an Australian manufacturer we can move fast and you can rest assured that you're hard earned money made a difference many times over - not just to creating an unforgettable event, but to the jobs supported by buying Queen B candles.


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