A little 'light' relief for a Monday morning

One of the wonderful things about having a Sunday/Monday as your weekend is that you don't have to go to work on Monday's. It's a great time to catch up on things when they're quiet. Today I've promised myself I'll clear my inbox, which seems to be never-ending because I keep getting distracted :-). One lovely distraction was a beautiful photograph sent to me by stylist, Meagan O'Donoghue from The Style Palette Co. I'm always amazed by the talents of our customers. You're really quite an extraordinary bunch going about your lives choosing to make a difference. It shouldn't surprise me given what we do, but it does and it is a constant delight. Anyway, Meagan took a gorgeous photograph of our Mini-Marilyn Bee Light holders with a couple of Bee Lights. And the thing that struck me as I was deleting volumes of administrative emails was just how simple the candles and the holders are but how nature is so beautiful that you don't need to fussy it up.
brass candleholder with pure beeswax taper dinner candles Mini-Marilyn brass candle holders with Bee Lights
So in the spirit of making it a wonderful day, we're doing a Monday offer today - 20% off Brass Mini-Marilyn candleholders and 20% off the Pack of 10 Bee Lights. It's spontaneous and open until midnight tonight only. I can say hand on heart that our Bee Lights will blow your socks off when they're lit. They are the ultimate testament to the brilliance of nature (and why we are so thorough with our wick testing)!! They burn for 3 or so hours each (that's several nights of lighting them during dinner from every candle) and they don't drip if they are out of a breeze. And just in case you don't think that I practice what I preach, here's a view from where I'm sitting right now!! I did consider replacing the 2 in the background with new candles but decided that it was better just to be completely authentic. This is how I stay calm on a Monday in the face of 553 unread emails! I hope you have a wonderful Monday. Over and out. Cate xx
light a candle to keep your brain calm and relaxed on a busy day "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" Chinese Proverb

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