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We are the recipients of a huge volume of really extra-ordinary mail here at Queen B. Emails. Letters/cards. Facebook posts. They're the pep in our step. The wind in our sails. The hand holding us up. Given the big difference it makes to us, I thought we'd pay it forward. So, each week we're going to pick a "Letter of the week". We'll publish it and send the lovely writer a little extra Queen B bee-created light. In some ways its trifling to pick 52 bits of feedback from the hundreds that we received, but I figure we're better doing something that nothing at all. Seriously, lovely letters are what make the world go around. I don't think that I am unique in small business in completely doing my head in (!!) over-thinking everything, and making sure that every decision I make it ethical and sustainable etc. So it's really lovely to be reminded to lift your head to the light and to remember what we're doing here and the difference we're making. Today was a really special day which is perhaps why it finally struck me that I needed to do this! We received several really lovely emails, but one in particular really touched me. She wrote about an issue that has long concerned me and never written about because I was sick of negativity! I share her email here:

"Dear Cate and Sarah,

You truly spoil me. You cannot imagine my surprise to find my beautiful candles waiting for me so soon after I ordered when I got back home this morning after a trip to the shop. It wasn't until I opened the box and got a glorious waft of honey that I knew who my parcel was from.

I expressed how much I loved your products yesterday but I had only sample the jam jar tea lights. As I unwrapped each item I grew more and more excited. And the lollipops! How novel! I cannot wait to try them!

I have to say it again. You're products are AMAZING and you should be so proud.

Thank you again, K"

Thank you K. Your email really touched all of us. I'm not sure that I am particularly deft at negotiating great marketing with running an ethical business. But I do know that all 3 of us turn up at Queen B every day and give it everything that we have to give (and sometimes more). And it's lovely when that is appreciated. Thank you to all of you who communicate with us - be it in comments, Facebook posts, emails, letters or on the phone. May you be the recipient of a random gift of light (be it from us or from someone else) in return. Cate xx

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