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How to order
What is the difference between clear and aluminum cups?
How many tealights/ candles come in a box?
Can you screenprint a design for my candle?
Which size candle should I buy to fit my candle holder?
Do you deliver overseas?
Do you do corporate gifts or Hampers?
Can you recommend a candle for meditation?
Can I order a custom sized candle from you?
How do I find a shop near me?
I have forgotten my password?
Candle Burning
My tealight’s don’t burn correctly
Will my candle drip?
I have bought other beeswax candles which won’t burn properly, will yours?
About our candles
Do you use organic beeswax?
Will the candles melt if I leave them in my car/ sun / warm confined place?
Do you do scented candles?
Do you sell coloured candles ?
Is your beeswax edible?
Why are your candles so expensive?
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