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At delicious. magazine, we believe there are few things more wonderful than eating incredible home-cooked food. But when it comes to actually preparing a meal each evening, the pressures of everyday life can certainly take the joy out of the task itself. We created this book to update your weekly recipe rotation, with hacks to make every dish quicker, easier, or more delicious.

Get your week off to an excellent start with make-ahead breakfasts you'll look forward to, then embrace the meat-free-Monday trend with vegetarian meals everyone will enjoy. Master pastry and dough for the easiest-ever pizza, then learn simple tricks that are essential for an easy week. As the weekend draws near, we have one-pot offerings that mean zero hassle, the nourishing goodness of broths, and new ideas to make sure you're never caught off guard by a 'bring-a-plate' invitation again. And let's not forget clever desserts using simply a bowl and spoon. The only fancy thing here is the flavour!

This book is your key to make it delicious, every single day.

Delicious Daily