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Queen B began with founder, Cate Burton, being hit with panic attacks and taking up beeswax candle rolling as a hobby to calm her mind.

Over the next decade she also tried CBT (3 different practitioners), NLP, NET, Kinesiology, meditating with a buddhist monk weekly, psychotherapy (2 different practitioners), hypnotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, nutritional medicine, carpentry, painting ceramics, reading copious books on panic attacks, eating freshly rolled oats (thanks Joost!) and ultimately accepted that she may need to just let go and accept them and with that they largely went away.

In the meanwhile, her passion for making and sending out light grew wings and Queen B became a hit and, well, here we are! A force for good in a world crying out for more of it, we donate to The Black Dog Institute. If every person who ordered online added $5 to their order we would be able to donate tens of thousands of dollars each year to research into mental illness.