Whoopsies Beeswax Birthday Candles x 12 | 20min Burn Time

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Perfection is the enemy of good at Queen B, so we have occasional good candles that simply don't make the grade.  Bottom line is they may not be as perfect as others, but they'll still burn beautifully.

Get 12 for 20% off the price of 8!

H: ~ 10 cm
W: ~ 0.5 - 0.6cm

Burn time: 20 - 25 mins each


Material: Queen B's 100% pure Australian beeswax

Wick: Pure Cotton

Queen B's unique, dipped beeswax Birthday Candles are so divine you won't want to blow them out! 

Also perfect for lighting for a bath, kids dinner, bedtime story, meditation, yoga or any other shorter spiritual practice.

A Note About Burning Tealight Candles

A tealight candle should be burned in one sitting.

We know that with the price of beeswax candles being more than their toxic cousins, many of our customers would prefer to burn tealights over a couple of evenings, so… here’s the rub… (you may need a coffee)!

A tealight candle has a wick that is held up by a metal ‘sustainer’. That sustainer has a 3mm neck holding the wick upright.

If you burn your tealight candle down so that there is say 4 – 5mm of wax remaining in the bottom of the cup, that means there is only 1 – 2mm of unburnt wick sticking out the top of the metal sustainer neck. That is not enough wick to burn out to the edge and consume all of the beeswax remaining in the cup.

So, if you want to burn your tealights over multiple sessions please ensure there is a MINIMUM of 6mm of beeswax in the bottom of the tealight cup (that’s around ½ the height of the 4-5hour tealight cup and just over 1/3 of the height of the 8-9hour tealight cup).

If you play your cards right, this should mean that you can get a couple of nights out of a 4 – 5 hour tealight and 3 evenings out of an 8 – 9 hour tealight. BOOM!