Whoopsies Tealight Beeswax Candles (Metal Cups) | ±6 hour Burn Time

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You know how sometimes in life you just fall in love with the wrong person?  So it was during our recent tealight wick testing.  This one LOOKED SOOOO GOOD... strong flame, from a 'good family', well credentialed, nice friends but as we spent more time together, we felt it burned a little hot and heavy.  We broke up.  Whoopsies!

Now we're getting rid of the memorabilia of our time together.  Which is great for you because you get a 6 hour tealight for a big discount off the 7-8hr tealight price.  While stock lasts.  There is a caveat which is that, as we say, as it burns hot, it may occasionally 'flash over'... which any tealight candle can regardless of wax type.  It looks dramatic, but really it's all show!


H: ~ 2.6 cm
W: ~ 3.7 cm

Burn Time:- ±6 hours

Material: The purest Australian beeswax available

Wick: Pure Cotton

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