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Letters from Lovers

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Bath Bliss!

Queen Bee tea light candles and refills make me feel good inside and out. The simple pleasure of their radiant glow, the gentle honey aroma and the knowledge that these are the finest quality and low impact on the my health and the planet. Thank you Queen Bee

Posted on 27 June 2019
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Recently I've been wondering what is in the candles I've been using in my house and why do I find the smell to be so fake and unappealing and then quite fortuitously I listened to the podcast Cate did with low tox life and all my questions were answered. Thanks for sharing your expertise, passion and craft. I'm so excited to place my first order, hurry up payday, I want to order my candles. :) very best wishes, Helen

Posted on 13 November 2018
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Product Review

The clear tea lights are amazing as it maximises the intensity of the beautiful beeswax-fed flame. It enhances the ambience and adds to the beauty of coloured glass candle holders.

Posted on 19 February 2018
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The last candle you will want to buy

I have purchased beeswax candles from all over the world. Always looking for good quality. Use to live in states and would buy from amazon and/or from places in Canada. When I moved to Hong Kong I was bummed (at times irritated) it is so hard to find bees wax... let alone quality beeswax!!! I was so frustrated decided I would pay for shipping and began an online search. Something about the energy of these online caught my attention and I ordered by first box of tea lights... they simply amazing. They burn so clean. The energy is beautiful and the light is gorgeous and they really do have the honey Fragrance that sticks around even when they aren’t burning. I simply can’t imagine why I haven’t come across these before except not living in Australia. Just buy these. Pay for shipping.. you will NEVER go back. Best candles I have found in my life!

Posted on 8 February 2018
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Wedding Gift

My family are regular uses of Queen B candles. We absolutely love them. I make it a habit to support Queen B and Australian beekeepers by buying these pure bees wax candles for any gifts I have to purchase. People just love them. Here is a display I made for my sister's wedding. It was used during a speech made about 'Earth, Fire, Air, and Water' and it made a beautiful sentimental gift to give afterwards. Thanks so much Cate and the staff at Queen B. It is always a pleasure to drop when I'm in Brookvale to see you all and look at all the beautiful new things going on in your shop.

Debra G
Posted on 29 March 2017
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Forget Warringah Mall people, go to Queen B in Brookvale, find a park with ease and find a candle that will change your life or someone else’s – no kidding - or order copious amounts online, just don't miss these

You can always tell when something is made with love and it’s so evident in the incredible beeswax candles made by Queen B. I agree with the person who wrote they are perfect for sensitive souls but I would say they are perfect for all souls. Candles, I have recently realised, in the hectic pace of life, have been something missing in my life and my home. But hand-made, beeswax candles are a whole other level. Just lighting a beautiful beeswax candle of an evening is pure soul therapy. Working on the computer last night with my bee light was somehow easier because the candle was my company. It's the beeswax that makes them all rustic and gorgeous but my faves? – mmmmmm, the bee lights are fine and elegant, the majestic tosca commands attention and respect and the moonlights are beyond stunning – you won’t find anything like them anywhere. A set of two of those babies are the perfect gift for anyone. Rock on Queen B, drop the mic, your candles are the bomb!

Posted on 21 December 2016
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Thank You Cate

I counted down the days until my delivery arrived. I selected a hamper as a thank you gift to a close friend & I wanted to share the beauty of QueenB with my friends & family for Christmas along with some treats for my colleagues. I have to say, I have never been so excited about such a gorgeous product. The excitement never changes with new additions making it hard to resist. Thank you for making something unique & special.

T Veitch
Posted on 27 November 2016
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Tealight review

'There's nothing cheap about these tealights. They ooze quality and are a beautiful gift I give myself and those I love. I'll let you in on a secret . . . Each time I take a tealight out of the box, I gently press it to my nose and deeply breathe in its nourishing scent. Investing in these exquisite tealights is one way I honour myself and the Goddess. They are a special part of my morning prayers and ritual practices. Such a personal thing . . . Speaking of personal, the hand written note I receive with each order makes me feel like a truly valued customer. It's a unique touch and feels genuine - a very rare quality to find in retail. These tealights, and all Queen B candles, are made with love and it comes through both in the products themselves and the entire purchasing experience. Priceless.'

Posted on 24 September 2016
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Beautiful candles

Dear Cate The first time I knew anything about Queen B was when my husband had ridden his bike over to your shop in Brookvale to buy me the most exquisite large pillar candle with beautiful motifs all around it for my birthday. I've not bought anything but your beezwax since that date over 8 years ago. My staple is now four of your medium pillars to fit into a pottery candelabra my mother made for our wedding. They warm up the room in winter and add a touch of class at any gathering we might have at ours - day or night. Thank you for producing such an exquisite, local and ethical product. You definitely have my vote. Best wishes Kelly

Kelly P
Posted on 20 September 2016
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Re; My love and only bee

Dear Queen B and Makers, It is with joy that I place my rather large household order for your beeswax candles, because frankly I would burn no other, and give no other. Knowing the pure authenticity of the range is enough, however supporting a passionate maker that I have known since the very start day of the Queen B business is my pleasure. Cate I am still enjoying my boxes of candles and love every day, knowing the fumes going into my home and business are pure bezz knees, and the glow still sooths me every time I light up. BTW my last order was so beautifully posted, I actually enjoyed the experience! From follow up emails to prompt delivery in a beautiful little square box of delight, I was very happy. I'm ordering more today! Ha! With love from a happy customer, Fenella.

Posted on 1 August 2016
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