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Queen B the Person

Cate Burton, Queen BWhen I am not passing myself off as royalty, I go by the name of Cate. The 'B' in Queen B was a nickname from school days, and the Queen, well, I would like to think that it has something to do with my regal nature... but the friend who suggested the name never explained!

What has always driven me is the desire to make a difference to people's lives... what was less clear for many years is just how I was going to do it. My journey to Queen B took me via law, banking and marketing strategy... none of which made me a good candle maker, but all of which created the need for a creative and relaxing hobby!

The impetus for Queen B began several years ago when I began to have severe anxiety attacks. I discovered a few calming hobbies in the ensuing years (ranging from ceramics to carpentry). Two things that I grew to love were rolling, and burning, beeswax candles, and painting canvases. Queen B is the merger of these two passions.

Like many businesses born from a passion, Queen B grew organically. Before I started selling candles, I mainly gave them away to friends. Soon I began getting calls from friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends who had seen my candles at someone's house. And so my hobby, my passion, became a business.

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people and be a part of many special occasions simply through doing what I love. And it just keeps getting better. I continue to roll candles and paint in order to relax, but now I also get to employ wonderful like-minded people, who also experience the delight of creating something that we know is going to light up someone's life.

Am I making a difference to people's lives? Yes, on some level I think I am. Burning any candle soothes your soul. Burning a Queen B beeswax candle complements your home, creates ambience, purifies your air, protects our environment, keeps beekeepers employed and allows you to truly relax... in addition to soothing your soul.

I aim to rid the planet of paraffin candles that pollute people's lounge rooms and the environment (I am anticipating some backlash from the petroleum refining companies whose wares adorn many a home). Just think how much enjoyment you will get helping to support the cause.

Cate Burton Handmade Candles

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